28 February 2008


When things appear to be progressing just so well, watch out. That's when life will slap you in the face with a cold dead fish and yells "Surprise!"

Minx and I have had a tough week or so, she fell and hurt her back and then I managed to come down with a wicked case of the flu or something. Really interesting... just when I started to get used to some of the symptoms... they would change or get worse.

The hardest part for Minx has to have been discovering how miserable and how much of a turtle I am whenever I'm sick, just leave me alone in my shell. I think it may have something to do with the way I hate self pity and how I especially hate it in myself, hence I just want to be left alone to bask in my misery. Well, I'm finally starting to feel like a human being again so hopefully I'm done with my sick time... for the year I hope. I'm certainly anxious to get back on track and I know Minx is too, soon I think but it can't be soon enough.

Minx wrote on her blog about the incident with the speeding that she knows she'll be getting a very memorble spanking for. It's one of those things that we've talked about before and now I have to be extra certain that we don't have to talk about it again. Often the worst part of knowing that a severe spanking is on the way, is the waiting and this time the wait has been extra long. It's also been a time when we can't be very close in the touchy feely way. The hugs have been weak because of sore backs and the kisses have been missing to avoid sharing germs.

Minx has been a very good girl through all of this and I'm sure that she would like to ask me if she can get a good girl spanking instead of the punishment spanking. Well, yes dear. You have certainly earned a special good girl spanking... too.

14 February 2008

Buns of Steel?

I would rather be curled up in the blankets right now but I have been ordered to write this post. I am so exhausted, cold, and feel very contrite.

I knew I had blown it again…how many times now...have we talked about this rule of five cups of coffee a day? No More!

I can’t remember to be honest but I will remember tonight!

I already knew I blew it, I already knew I disappointed him again.

In knowing that made me feel somewhat bad, but I really had no idea just how bad until I turned around from standing in the corner and saw the mound of pillows and then I truly knew just how much I had disappointed him.

I just knew that the belt was coming off and was going to meeting my bottom with a searing heat. And that it did!

Each and every lash took my breath away. I was made to count the last six and that was very hard too do.

Then came the paddle...I can’t believe how bad that hurt. I knew in my heart I deserved what I was getting. I tried my hardest to stay put and not cover my bottom.

I must be honest and say…I have never felt as punished as I did tonight.

Being put to bed after my punishment really had an impact on me, he made his point and it came across very clear to me. I am a very stubborn woman and I am used to getting my own way. Seriously here, I realize know that I will not get my way on this.

BUT….honestly…my bottom is not made of steel!!!!!

I give up…you win…..NO MORE then 5 cups of coffee!

I Promise…I Love You and I am sorry

One Coffee... Or One Spanking?

While I type this Minx is under the covers, I just finished making sure that she would be warm and toasty. It would have been an AAAC (Avoid at All Cost) spanking since we've talked about this too many times before, but she did confess. However, I do think it should have been sooner.

Someone, has a 5 cup max of coffee per day. Considering the doctor would probably have a bird if she knew Minx was even having one... Well, I think the starting limit of 5 cups is reasonable, much better than the 10 or more cups per day before the rule.

However I do expect the rule to be obeyed, Minx does know that, I just reminded her.

I would rather be giving her tender aftercare right now, that will have to wait. I don't want to have to talk about this with her again and I really want her to know that. I don't want...

No, I will not let her endanger her health.

I can't imagine life without her.

Is One Enough?

You would think that after you have had your bottom thoroughly spanked and paddled that you would behave.

Me? Behave? Hmmmmmm

Well better to confess then to have him find out later.

I bought a cup of coffee that I knew I really should not be having.

I thought many thoughts as I was driving down the road with it in my hand.

Guilty, yes I did feel guilty.

Then to my surprise the cup sprung a leak and I am wearing a lot of the coffee that I should not have bought.

The rest of it is all over the side of my car.

Talk about getting caught red handed!

Guess I better go confess now.

Choosing Your Words

Lately it seems that anything and everything that could go wrong...is going wrong.

I have been arguing with my sister for a while now and yesterday being frustrated, I just wanted to give up, throw the towel in and just walk away.

Well….of course I verbalized “giving up” and got that the watch moved to the wrong wrist.

Sometimes it just seems easier to just give up but I know that I can’t. I know that in the end I will win, I will achieve what I have set out to do.

Today I was reminded that I can’t give up. Now I am sitting here typing this post with a very tender bottom.

I have a small problem with sass and it seems that most of my sass comes flowing freely when I am getting spanked.

Why that is I will never know!

You would think when you are OTK and being paddled that your words would be chosen very carefully. I was told that “I hope that I never have to spank you like this again.”

My reply….mind you that this was said in a sarcastic tone.

“Then stop spanking me!”

Honestly that was the wrong thing to say at the wrong time!

Yep, I still feel those four words.

The spanking I received today was one of the hardest ones I have gotten. That nasty wooden paddle with holes in it, OUCH! I was also spanked with that hairbrush paddle that seems to be a favorite...not mine of course.

But once again trouble has found me. Now you would think that having a very tender bottom you would make sure that you follow your rules and guidelines.

I am sure that once again I will find myself OTK sooner then I wanted.

Like maybe tonight again!

But...not me! That would be too easy...

I guesss I need to go confess now cause it is sure obvious!

Wrong Wrist

When a couple integrates LDD into their relationship it's virtually impossible to always take care of matters right away. Sometimes things just have to be postponed. There may be a previous engagement that can't be cancelled, or more likely the lack of privacy.

For as long as I can remember the first thing I do before doing anything strenuous is to take my watch off of my wrist and put it in my pocket or onto my other wrist, upside down. I've always been a watch on the left wrist kind of guy; of course the fact that I'm left handed makes that impossible at times. Obviously, a good spanking from my leaft hand would be too much even for my John Cameron Swayze.

The way I've decided to remember and to issue the promise of the spanking that is due is to use the simple symbol that will be obvious to Minx, actually so that both she and I will remember. I do hate having my watch upside down on the wrong wrist. However, it can't go back to my left wrist until matters have been dealt with.

So, when something has to be addressed that means Minx will be over my knee I've been moving my watch to the wrong side. I hate it there so I'll be looking for the first opportunity to move it back. That won't happen until Minx's bottom has been heated. Naturally, she hates seeing it there too knowing what it means will be happening to her poor bottom. Whenever the activity is over, I will move it back where hopefully it can stay for a while.

Right now my watch is on the wrong wrist. Minx made a little, very little, attempt of talking me into putting the watch back where it belongs and "...let's forget it this time". Simple question right back at her, "Would you really want it to be something that you could ever talk me out of?"

Naturally, her answer is no

01 February 2008

The first time that I ever spanked Minx was a bit awkward. You see we are not very "public", no one in our real lives can know. Well, my middle son was on the way home. He knew that Minx was here and when I asked him to call me before he came home I'm sure he just thought that I didn't want to be surprised by him walking in on some sort of sexual action. Little did he know that Minx needed... and wanted a spanking. I was willing to oblige.

We've talked about it numerous times since then, it was very intense for Minx so we've tried to understand why. Pretty much your eveyday run of the mill spanking in most ways. I started her spanking bare hand OTK. She had been in the corner and I had been scolding her because of some of the things that I knew had been going on. Hmmm... her temper, some anger, some issues at work... patience with her family. Well, we had a lot to talk about and I actually did the talking with the contact of my hand.

Minx was squirming a lot... I knew she had to be thinking "Oh S***!, If this is what his hand feels like the paddle is really going to be wicked!!!" Well, it was :)
Naturally and thankfully, we managed to time an intermission for when my son came home. Well, he's old enough to die for his country and old enough to choose his own evening activities and was right back out the door after a shower, ah the freedom of youth.it's wasted on the young.

When we alone again, we continued. We had been doing a lot of talking and at the appropriate time I told Minx to get back to the corner (not really a corner but close enough). She hesitated. I should never have to give an instruction twice, especially during a punishment. Yup, immediately after her corner time her hands were on the couch, dress up, pantyhose and then panties tugged down... and then she heard my belt coming out of my pant loops. You know, then and everytime since then... Well, there's just something magical about that sound that says "There will no BS, we're dealing with this now!!!"

We both believe that the panyhose she was wearing really, really held the heat in and enhanced the sensation. In any event when the hairbrush paddle came out to find her bare bottom it didn't take long before I could sense her surrender... the first time her walls started to fall.

The absolute most exciting part of a spanking is the tenderness of aftercare. I'm not new to spanking, I've toasted a few butts before. This time things were different, I didn't just feel the intensity of her hugs after the spanking was over, this time it seamed like we melted together into one being. It's been that way with her ever since too.
Anything and everything has come out with this sweet wonderful woman. She has the key to my heart. God, I love this woman, why did it take so long for her to find me :)