26 March 2009

Story Board

Well I've been wondering what to do with my Story Blog and I've decide to bring many of the stoires over to the blog. Yeah, it's a PITA to read them since sometimes they appear in reverse order but that is the writing style anyway :).

Look back by date and you will see a number of my (Story) writings re-appear on this blog.
Most are pre 12/07 so look down and back a few pages, you might like them :)


Back Active and Rambling Off Topic

It's been a while since I've posted so much, or for that matter paid any real attention to this blog at all. Yesterday I "woke up" my "Story Blog", changed the blog template and changed over to a Blog Roll instead of links. I think I like it a lot now being that it is sorted by most recent update.

Yeah I know I could use iGoogle or one of those many desktop home pages or Readers... but for an ol' DOS guy like myself I just can't get into those things. Probably some subconscious thing that reminds me of Sidekick.

Image from http://www.vintage-computer.com/

You see back in the DOS 2.x or 3.x days you had to do everything you could to preserve every last bit of available memory you could. If things like files=20, buffers=20 stir a memory you know what I mean. Sidekick was this nifty program that gave you all sorts of desktop gadgets that were really neat but they were TSRs (Terminate and Stay Residents) in other words once they took a chunk of your precious memory they would not completely unload without rebooting the PC, which also made them PITAs and we all know what they are.

Well with these desktop thingys I start thinking about cookies and tracking cookies and the like and well damn it I like browsing with a bit of privacy but I suppose that's something of a moving target. I dunno, I wonder if I add say a nifty free Joke of The Day... will I be the 1 billionth person to do so and now a bunch of people sitting in a boardroom somewhere decide "That's it People, it's time to take JOTD public, were announcing an IPO". In other words what if I'm the guy that incites the next "Tech Bubble" and another blow to the economy.

So, I look at my resistance to using all those desktop thingy's as being a sacrifice to help protect and preserve what's left of the economy if not mankind itself, as we know it today.

25 March 2009

Wicked Stingy

After several previous attempts to build up to it, last night for the first time Minx felt some "heartier" strikes from the cane. Ours came from Cane-i-Ac and is their OTK style. I was very proud of her, she was quivering with every stroke and yet managed to hold still. She was my very good girl. I gave her about 9 strokes over her clothes and then removed her panties. I gave a nice series and then asked her if she was ready to accept an intense one.... She responded that it was up to me... I responded that she should ask for what she needed, sh did. I was so very proud of her, the gift of her submission was extrodinary.

We then proceeded to a more traditional rather extended OTK spanking, we haven't had much opportunity lately with one exception of the Stress Relief that Minx gave me over the weekend.

Aftercare can not be over rated by the way.

Stress Relief

Well I've joined the ranks of the unemployed (again).

I spent most of last week mopeing around in a fog, with all the things going through my head that pre-occupy too many of our brains today... How will we make ends meet? How will ever get ahead? When will they decide to repo the vehicle? How can survive?

So Stress in bucket loads...

Minx had enough of it by Saturday and yup you guessed it...

I got a spanking, a BIG spanking. Damn I should never have tought that girl how to hold the paddle.

Well I think it worked, cleared the head a bit.

Life will go on and somehow we will prevail.

02 March 2009

Memorable Spanking

One thing that has become too obvious lately is that I've not been able to spank Minx the way she needs to be spanked. There are lots of reasons but the most common reason is the lack of privacy and with work schedules how seldom we see one another.

However, what has happened over recent months is her spanking sessions have gotten harsh with more intense implements, but too quick.

In retrospect it's obvious that I've been having a hard time spanking Minx effectively. Somehow I love her more every day and that makes it harder to truly spank painfully for an extended period. The point being, that is exactly opposite of what she needs.

She hasn't been getting corner time intermissions just OTK or pillows till done. She hasn't been getting the A.A.A.C. (Avoid At All Costs) Spanking when she deserves it. Well, that changed, she told me and she got the good spanking she needed. There was corner time and prolonged sessions with some of our more "memory making" implements and she was sore for several days.

I truely have to work on knowing that she needs more.

Reminder spanking would have been good this weekend but it just wasn't in the cards.