26 October 2007

There's Something I Have to Tell You (Story)

It had all happened so fast, it took longer to think it out than it did to actually happen. Sharon had stopped with her best friend Karen for just one. Well, just one doesn't happen very often does it. It couldn't have been more than a half mile from the driveway of the cocktail lounge when Sharon saw the police car come out from a side street and follow her. Then from the corner of her eye she saw a large buck at the edge of the road just as it leaped in front of her car. Sharon locked the brakes and skidded into the drainage ditch but missed hitting the deer.

As she opened the door to climb out the police officer was already standing alongside the car, his lights flashing to warn traffic around the scene. "Are you all right?" he asked as he shown his light at her. "Yes, except I think I ruined a perfectly good pair of panties...". She was both embarrassed by her response but relieved as he chuckled. The officer took a walk around to the front corner of the vehicle to look over the damage. When he walked back he announced that it looked like the wheel was scuffed up, but it looked like the car would be ok to drive. "I'll call a tow truck to pull you back onto the road and I think you'll be ok...". He returned to his car to make the call.

It wasn't long before the tow truck arrived on the scene and it took very little effort to pull the coupe back to the hard road surface. The tow truck driver looked the car over too and said "You might need a new wheel and an alignment but it'll get you home tonight". Sharon was relieved and also very glad that the officer while taking her information for his incident report, didn't seem to notice that she had a couple of drinks. Then as he handed her drivers license back he said "That was a bit of good driving I saw, good thing you didn't have too much to drink cause that deer could have come right through you're windshield if you hit it". "Shit", Sharon thought, he knows. "I'm Officer David Anderson, if you should need a copy of the incident report for your insurance company just stop by the station". Sharon thanked him as she started the car for her drive directly home. The police car appeared to be following .

Sharon knew that Peter wouldn't be upset by the little accident but the fact that it had happened after drinks with Karen was sure to get her a very sore bottom. It was only a few blocks to home but she raced through the whole scenario in her mind. Funny, not long ago she would have hesitated to tell Peter fearing for the safety of her bottom. Now, these days things had changed, she no longer feared Peter's spankings but craved them for the forgiveness that came when they were finished.

Sharon walked into the house and put away her things, she hadn't seen him yet but she knew from what lights were on that Peter was in the family room reading his paper. "Honey, there's something I need to tell you" she announced as she walked in and sat beside him. Just then she saw that wicked nasty hated wood paddle on the end table. Peter met her stare and announced, "That's right honey, I just got off the phone with Dave, I've known him for years".

25 October 2007

It's Just Not Fair (Story)

Sharon had anticipated that Peter wouldn’t be in a very good mood when he saw the wrong garage doors. She had been the one who was home when the contractor had stopped by for the last change order. She had been the one to tell the contractor of their choice and she had been the one to sign the contract. She was sure that she had shown the contractor the right ones, the less expensive ones that Peter had decided were the only ones that they could afford. Somehow foolishly, she must have specified the wrong ones.

The decision had to be made, the contractor had to place the order and they had not yet come to an agreement as to which doors they would order. Sharon wanted the doors that they both agreed were better looking but Peter was adamant that they were just too expensive. After days of looking at the catalogs and no mutual decision having been reached, Peter made it clear that they would have to settle for the less expensive doors. There had to be a limit to the costs, and the garage doors were the best place to cut back.

Having to be away for the past three days while so much work was being done to the house had bothered Peter. Not that he didn’t trust Sharon to mind the nest while he was away, but she certainly wasn’t as likely to notice a problem with the construction as he would. For as much as Peter was looking forward to seeing the new renovations to the house, he wasn’t sure why Sharon sounded less than pleased when they talked on the phone. When the headlights illuminated the garage doors Peter began to fume as he saw why. Peter certainly liked the look of the new garage doors, he was sure that ultimately they would enhance the curb appeal of the house but they were wrong, it had been one of the few things that they had disagreed over.

Sharon wasn’t really very anxious for Peter to get home, at least not yet. She knew there would be issues and she knew how those issues would be dealt with. The worst part was she just couldn’t understand how she could have managed to have made such a mistake. She wondered why if she was going to make a mistake it hadn’t been on one of the color choices, he certainly would never notice something like that. Well, the best she could do now was to try to lessen the tension, she needed time to devise a plan of defense. Before leaving the bedroom, she saw here full figure in the mirror and thought to herself… "Sorry Ms. Ass, little Ms. Brain managed to arrange something nasty for you". Somewhat almost amused she chuckled and walked from the room knowing the immediate future was cast and soon coming to fruition. She wondered if it would better if she met Peter at the door with a drink wearing only a smile. Too late, the door opened and she saw that look on his face and the anticipation of the evenings inevitable events made her want to run and hide. Not that she could hide, or that it would do anything but make matters worse .

Once again Peter had managed to totally surprise her, not that long ago she had thought that he would never be able to spank her at all, let alone do such a thorough job of it. Staring at the wall was something that she really didn’t like. She knew when she went back over his knee for the finale the sting would be even worse. The scolding and lecture however were the first to bring down her wall of resistance, she hated it, yet it did make it easier to accept the actual spanking and the sooner that happened the sooner she would feel his embrace and cherish his forgiveness. Tearfully, she wanted to make it clear, and she was sure that he did understand that it had been a mistake and not deliberate disobedience.

Embraced in his strong wonderful arms she cherished his aftercare, it simply and inexplicably made the whole painful experience worthwhile. Neither of them budged to pick up the phone, but as they heard the message monitor a hurt look descended on Peter’s face. It was the contractor, he had found out that the distributor did indeed ship the wrong doors and he was offering to split the cost difference. Sharon saw the pain in his eyes as he realized he had just needlessly punished the woman that he loves. Sharon in a quiet content voice said "That’s ok honey, it can’t always be fair. Besides, I’m sure that there’s probably something else that I deserved a spanking for".

19 October 2007

It Can’t be Only Physical Pain

It’s not uncommon for many people these days to establish an online relationship where one or both parties crave the experience of spanking. What can and does happen is both parties become anxious for a date and both arrive not just wanting, but more aptly craving things to progress quickly. Things can and do progress quickly. Inhibitions were probably already removed from the matchmaking equation days or weeks before with long online chats and phone calls. Naturally as can be expected, the basic desires overrule any common sense and the couple rushes to privacy where the fantasies can be fulfilled in the hastiest fashion.

While lying across this man’s knee she begins to realize that this is finally going to happen. This man is going to be taking control and he has every intention of seeing that she is properly spanked for the things that she wants to be held accountable for. This man knows that this woman craves to feel her bottom sting and burn and he will see to it that she gets exactly what she wants.

As the volley of spanks progress she begins to wonder why the hell she ever thought that this was what she wanted. Before long her bottom is stinging worse and worse from the relentless smacks and she just can’t take much more. She keeps waiting for that magic moment to arrive, the pain is unbearable and is rapidly getting intolerable. Everyone on all of the discussion boards always talk about how wonderful it is to be in this position being taken over knee and getting a sound spanking and she can’t imagine why she isn’t feeling the wonderful things that she heard of and dreamed about. What’s wrong, why isn’t it wonderful for her?

Another Experience
This time it’s different, she knows that she has disappointed this man and she can’t imagine why or how she could have been so foolish as to do the things that she has done. This man, who she has come to realize, cares so much about her. He often seems to care more about her than she cares about herself. Now, she’s done it, with her actions she hurt this wonderful man. It’s so different this time, the remorse is real. As ordered she lifts her head and looks into his eyes and sees his pain, his disappointment cuts deeply. Her eyes are welling up and a tear rolls down her cheek. She obeys and hands him the hairbrush and lays across his lap, she wants the spanking to start now, she wants it to be everything she deserves, now she craves and prays for his forgiveness.

As often as she may wish to feel the sensation of losing control, as often as she may dream of having control taken from her. As often as she may crave to feel herself in the zone of knowing that there is absolutely nothing she can do to stop the painful spanking that she knows she wants and deserves, it could be meaningless without one ingredient. That one ingredient would be knowing that she's disappointed someone besides herself. It could be the one item that will help take her to where the stinging pain of a spanking becomes a secondary, it no longer can sting too much. Where the wall falls down and emotions that have built up can come pouring out.