11 June 2007

Very Intense and Meaningful Spanking

She was getting ready for work and I ordered her over my knee. There was something to be dealt with and I wasn't going to put it off. There wasn't time before she had to leave to finish it all but I promised her that she would be getting a warm-up and an idea of what was to happen later.

She was surprised and not very happy about being spanked before having to go to work but she quickly complied. There was something different from the first few strokes… her reaction was more intense than I had seen before. We had just finished making love and I suspected that her perhaps her nerve endings were still very anxious to accept every sensation with heightened sensitivity. In any event she was squirming almost immediately. I was using the oak hairbrush paddle which happens to be a very intense little device and when used just right I believe sends as much if not more sting than the lexan paddles. It took less than a minute before there were tears, tears have not been easy for her and I think we were both surprised at how such a short session brought them out.

When we finished later she was still tender and once again the tears came easily, escape came easy too, we won't be doing any more OTK on the edge of her bed as it's just too high and too difficult to hold her in place when she gets to the fright and flight phase of the spanking. We finished with her laying across the bottom of the bed and had a very personal time with aftercare.

Here's where I made a mistake that I should know better than to do, what she had dome had earned her two severe spankings. Well I postponed the second one dependant on her behavior. (Yeah an old softie). It will come at any time there is the slightest hint of a repeat infraction. Although I do know that since I had assigned it, it was wrong of me to postpone it. But I was so surprised by how intense her reaction was and the shear terror that she expressed at another spanking like the one she had just received.

No, it wasn't that it was all that bad physically, she has taken much more severe and longer lasting spankings over my knee before. This time however there was a real difference and I think it was her complete submission and that somehow the smacks of the paddle were just multiplied in her mind by the disappointment she knew she caused me.

Submission can be an absolutely beautiful thing.