23 November 2008

Power Tools

Its' hard to imagine why we have such a fascination with implements (and of course such large collections).

Pictured here are the latest popular "power tools" that seem to get the most use within our household.
The top paddle is "ol' faithful" which has a long history of getting strong reactions. Measuring about 10 inches or so and of very sound 3/4" thick oak it has a long established history of having earned considerable respect. In spite of looking like a wennie paddle there it absolutely no doubt that it can easily rank about a 8.9 (or more) on the "Oh Sh**" Meter.

The second one down is the OTK paddle with holes from Reb's (which unfortunately appears to have stopped selling their fine products). Being about 1/2" thick it's fairly light for it's size (except at the business end) and measures about 14" in overall length. When used with gusto it can also do about a minimum of 8.1 and perhpas a 9.7 or greater on the "OS" meter.

The third implement is the "Sawed Off" bath brush. Made by "Ecotools". This beauty packs about an 17.2 on the "OS" meter ( The OS meter runs from 1 to 10 by the way).

Bringing up the bottom (in more ways than one) is the raw form of the "Sawed Off". It's a beast and can score about a 25.7 on the above mentioned "OS" meter.

My darling Minx bought the two monster "eco friendly" bamboo bath brushes from Kmart I believe. Last weekend sweet Min had very valid reasons to question the wisdom of that purchase.

Last night, I too learned of the foolishness of that purchase. Then, as a fire built upon my posterior I too began to contemplate a bamboo bon-fire; as I was introduced to the edge of the envelope of the "OS" Meter.

16 November 2008

Had to Happen

Minx, the love of my life has not been feeling well for too long now. Well, part of it has been that she has been a bit under the weather, and part of it has been that she has known that she has earned a serious discipline session. One that even if she could get out of, never would consider doing.

It all started a week ago when there was the need for what should have been a quick simple spanking. Well, attitudes and timing were all wrong, the spanking did not go well and of course much of it was my fault as I do believe that it is the HOH's responsibility to make sure that the punishment is appropriate, timely and certain. However, her response to the needed spanking was somewhat disrespectful to say the least and we all know that has to be intollerable.

There were certain aspects of the spanking that Minx earned last week that were less than certain... However...She questioned the discipline... that can't happen. She resisted the discipline... again, that can't happen. However more seriously, she failed to properly submit and some of the things that happened actually would of, or could have... endangerd our relationship if one or both of us were less resiliant than we are.

The end result was that Minx just received what was perhaps the most severe, the most painful and the most long lasting spanking that she's ever had. It hurt me terribly to spank her so severly. I never want to have to giver her such a severe spanking again but I will NEVER hesitate to do so when it is the proper thing to do.