30 July 2009

(ex) Virgin Bottom and Birthday Boy

Things have been getting really tough lately and there hasn't been a lot of spanking around here and now is probably when we need it most. One of the few times that we've had some privacy, I was sick. Minx hasn't even been doing much reading of blogs let alone writing them and our stress levels have been hitting the roof.

I've been laid off for about four months now and unemployment compensation just doesn't cut it. We did have hopes of attending the fall SCONY get together since it's very close drive to us, however that certainly won't be happening. Neither Minx nor I have every been to a group gathering before and we were really looking forward to it. Imagine not having to be concerned with privacy!

Making matters worse Minx lost here job and lets just say that we are eating a lot more rice and ramen noodles. We haven't been able to pay the rent and apparently the landlord does not have enough of a sense of humor. Now we will be spending our last dollars to go see some relatives, short story... there has been a death in the family.

Finally the other night we did manage to get a spanking in, Minx was complaining that her buns of steel have atrophied and her bottom was virtually virgin. Not any more it's not, I gave some serious attention to her bottom that she still felt the next day.
Hopefully we can get some more spanking in. We've found that spanking for stress relief really does work, at least for a little while. Doesn't make the stress go away but it makes you forget about it for a while at least.

So, hopefully there will be some more spanking in our near future. Probably me soon too, just had a birthday (yeah, I'm a Leo) and there has been the threat of a birthday spanking for me that has yet to come to fruition.

I never heard of a birthday spanking until I got into TTWD. I dunno, guess all the people I hung around with either didn't ever do it or kept it to themselves. Now some questions, maybe someone knows...

Just what is appropriate for a birthday spanking?
Shouldn't it be a spank for every year?
Shouldn't it be sort of a ceremonious light smack sort of thing over clothes?

I would have thought that a quick light spank for every year but apparently I'm wrong. Minx who claims to know these things says that I'll have to be harshly bare bottom paddled, a solid minute for every year.


Well, in my case that's too damn close to an hour!