22 January 2007

My Partner and I

I am chromatically challenged and would never presume to choose anything to "coordinate" without her permission.

I lack the health care gene and will always submit to her decision on matters of health, hers or mine.

Never in my live have I been able to develop a workable budget, her brain must create this. However if she breaks the budget, she gets a very sore bottom.

I do have the technical gene. I must have final say in all matters of screwdrivers, wires, hammers, binary code and gasoline

To our relationship she brings emotional extremes, she chooses to permit me to control those extremes and mold them with stability and consistency. It is her choice to be over my knee.

Her brain is much faster and more multi-directional than mine is, she sees sides of things, every turn hill and valley that I do not. My brain tends to focus on goals. My brain provides the shortest distance between two points; her's the sites that must be seen while on the journey. Yet if there were a relative being visited in Arizona she would be anxious to see the relative whereas I, the Grand Canyon. She is much better at the people thing than I ever will be.

My partner and I are complimentary not equal, equal is not possible at least for us. We each bring certain strengths to our relationship and we choose to defer to each other in matters that they are better suited. So, we each at times choose to be submissive.