03 December 2007

Uncluttered Workbench - (Story)

Dave wanted to make sure that when opening day of buck season came around he would be ready. Although it had been cleaned before being put away in the cabinet last season he wanted to again make sure that his firearm would be in top shape. David spent a good part of Saturday morning disassembling the action making sure that every part was in perfect condition and properly lubricated. Shortly he would be driving over to the range to meet Peter and they would spend the afternoon fine tuning their scopes if needed, and maybe stop for a beer or three.

David took particular pride and care of his workbench, it was spotless and each tool was cleaned and put away as he was done with it. Not quite as extensive as his father-in-laws workshop, it was none the less all he needed for now. He remembered the last trip to visit the family and that comment his father-in-law Ron made was still bouncing in the back of his mind. Karen had been her usual bitchy self most of the day. The men had retreated to the workshop if for nothing else to enjoy the game and avoid confrontation as best as they could. Dave really enjoyed spending time with Ron, his in-laws certainly didn’t fit any typical horrible stereotype. Just as the teams were returning to the field after halftime Karen stormed into the workshop still with her bitchy tone. She was screaming something about wanting to be taken to a movie and the men should try and find something in the paper for them to see. Karen then threw the paper onto the workbench knocking over some things in the process. Ron stood and announced in a firm tone David had never before heard from Ron, "Young lady!" Karen turned very pale and caught her breath and said in an almost trembling voice, "I’m sorry daddy". She then retreated out of the room, David was totally amazed, if only he could turn down her bitch volume like that. "Ron, you’ll have to teach me how to do that", David said with a chuckle.

Shortly the awkwardness of the moment subsided and Ron looked Dave straight in face and said "I’ve got a question for you son, do you still have that jigsaw?" Taken back a bit David said, "Well, yes I do". Ron smiled slightly and said "All day I’ve been thinking about what you need to do and now I’m sure. When you get home take a piece of ¾" oak and make yourself a nice paddle for that wild one’s ass!" Dave was stunned, here was his father-in-law telling him that he should paddle his daughter, his little girl. "Dave, I’m going to the fridge and I’m going to get us a couple of beers. We’re going to have a little talk and I’m telling the girls were going to be watching some movies on the DVD right here at home tonight, I hope you like John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara…" Ron said as he was walking away.

Peter was a little perturbed that he was just on the edge of the paper target so he and Dave spent a good hour adjusting the rifle scope till as close to a perfect inch and a half high on the 50 yard range. Dave kept ribbing away as they moved to the 100 yard range and verified that they were both shooting perfect groups. "Pete your just getting old, it just takes you a bit longer to get the cobwebs out of your eyes at your advanced age", Dave jabbed. "Well Dave, as thanks for you taking the time to help an old frail fart like myself I’ll buy the first round".
Peter and Dave just like their wives had been life long friends and it only took two beers before David was relating the story of what his father-in-law had said on their last visit. David told Peter that he just couldn’t believe it. Peter, as usual listened intently through the story.

"If your done and want to listen to something…" he then ordered another round and looked at Dave and smiled. "Dave, this old fart has something to tell you that’s going to really knock you socks off. Dave, let me ask you. Have you seen any difference in Sharon over the past year or so?"

"Well, yeah Pete for the better actually now that you mention it. I know you two were going through some rough times but now you guys seem like the perfect couple and both of you seem to a lot happier together. Hell, sometimes you two act like a pair of love-struck teenagers it seems anymore. Borders on sickening when I compare to what I live through".

"Well Dave, it’s not always that way, Sharon still has her moments but now I know what to do about them. Well one about a year ago she came home and almost fell over, she was totally tanked and never should have been driving. I was really pissed and we started fighting and somehow it just came out, she told me what she needed."

Peter went on telling the story of how Sharon wanted, no… needed spankings. He mentioned that she was the one who had brought it up and that at the time he couldn’t believe it either. "Dave, we were on a dead end street. I was sick of the arguments that would just get louder and louder till finally they got so loud we wouldn’t talk for days. So, when she brought it up I was willing to try anything. It’s been quite a bit of learning and I’m still learning more everyday. Honestly, I really had a hard time trying to understand how it could be that the woman I promised to protect and cherish wanted me to spank her bottom. It’s all really hard to believe but that’s just how it is.

Dave was amazed that by all that he was reading, he had no idea that there was so much on the internet about spanking. Even more so, he was amazed that there were so many people who seemed to practice discipline spankings. Annoyed at being interrupted, David answered the ringing phone. "Dave, it’s Pete. I just got a call from Dave Anderson, he was on patrol and saw Sharon almost hit a deer and now her car is stuck in a ditch. He said it was right down the street from the Toast-n-Roast. He thinks that’s where she came out of, but he does think she’ll be ok to drive home, he plans to follow her anyway. Well, just to let you know since we talked about it some. One of Sharon’s rules is that she is supposed to call me before she stops anywhere for a drink. Then, she’s supposed to call and let me know when she’s leaving so I can talk to her and tell from her voice if she’s ok to drive. She didn’t call me at all. When she gets home she’s going to be getting a real good spanking. So, I figured I would let you know. I’m willing to bet that she was with Karen" "Pete, I haven’t talked at all about it with Karen and she doesn’t have any rules, I can’t just spank her just like that… just because Sharon is getting a spanking, she gets one too." "That’s not what I’m saying buddy, but it is a chance that you could use to talk about it."

Dave was getting worried, it had been well over an hour since Pete had called and he hadn’t yet seen Karen and she wasn’t answering her cell phone. Just then he heard the garage door so he sighed with relief. Barely five seconds later came the crashing sound. Dave sprung from the chair and ran to the door. When he opened the door he immediately began to steam. There in the cold glow of the garage light was the once perfect car now with it’s mirror shattered and dangling from wires on the side of the door. The front of the car was against the workbench and all of the jars and coffee cans with nuts, bolts and washers now spread wide all over the workbench, and still rolling off onto the cars hood.

Karen nearly fell over as she climbed out of the car. "Karen Marie, you’re shit-faced and now look at what you've done. What do you have to say for yourself." David was actually amazed by his own tone, he instantly realized the voice he was using sounded more like his father-in-laws than his own. Karen took a few steps toward David and tried to stand as straight as she could. She then reached to take the cigarette from her mouth with a failed attempt at being graceful. Quickly she looked back over her handy work, then proudly answered...


While she had her sobbing self glued to her loving husbands shoulder last night he had told her that she had a decision to make in the morning when she could think it over with a clear mind. He said she could either decide if she wanted to be held accountable by him or she could decide on a divorce. He had told her that in the morning he was going to get up early and go down the basement and make a paddle. He told her that when she got up in the morning she would find two things on the kitchen counter. He told her that one would be a paddle and one would be a phone book. She could bring him either one of them. "One way or another our lives are going to change big time starting tomorrow morning. Bring me the phone book and we’ll look up some lawyers. Bring me the paddle and you’ll get a real good sample of what you can expect anytime you hurt yourself or our relationship."

It really didn’t take anytime at all to decide, it was a no-brainer. In fact she already knew instantly last night as soon as David’s hard hand landed on her bottom that this was what she deserved. No, it was what she needed. She knew she was out of control, no one could control her, not ever actually, not even herself. Apparently that was all going to change now, at least that’s what David said last night and suddenly she realized that she had no reason to doubt him. Karen knew that she had been a real bitch and now she knew that she could still be a real bitch anytime she wanted. But now she would pay the price with a sore ass. Even worse she had been stupid, she knew better than to drink and drive. The damage was bad enough but she was really disappointed with herself knowing that should could very well have killed herself or worse someone else with such stupidity.

Karen was glad that the noise of the shower was loud enough so she could no longer hear David in the basement with his damn power tools. The worst part was that he was making something awful for her poor bottom. "Well, he’s always been a man of his word". Karen stepped into the shower and let out a little gasp as the warm water splashed on her cheeks and made them sting again. She wished to herself that it wouldn’t be very bad, but she did know that it was going to be absolutely awful. She hated the thought of it, but it couldn’t possibly be much worse than what his hand had felt like now could it.

Karen always knew how much Dave loved to look at her when she was dressed and how he didn’t care for her normal weekend baggy clothes style. Today, she decided she would dress for her husband. Well, actually she was doing it for herself too, she kept thinking about how it felt last night when he lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties and somehow it seemed to be both scary and very erotic to think about. When she shut off the shower faucet she realized she couldn’t hear the noise of the power tools anymore and her heart began to race.
When she was standing there last night and David walked up and took the cigarette out of her hand she almost thought he was going to lean down and kiss her for doing such a nice job of screwing up the car. Instead he leaned down and looked right in her eyes and said "Things are going to change young lady and they’re going to change right now". Within seconds her feet were scurrying to keep up as David had her under the arm and was leading her, no almost carrying her to the living room. It all happened so fast but she knew instantly as she was being put over his lap what was happening. She knew very well that she wasn’t going to be getting a nice kiss when she felt her panties being tugged down. What was really shocking was when David told her that she was going to be getting the same thing Sharon was getting right now. "Damn that girl… I never knew she could keep a secret, and what a secret".

Karen played it all out again in her mind, how it had all happened was very clear and what really surprised her was how content she now felt. There wasn’t any doubt in her mind that within the hour she was going to be crying and screaming and pleading for it to stop just like she had last night. She didn’t care that it was going to hurt, well she cared and wasn’t happy at all knowing that she was going to get a paddling. But, she wanted so much to be back in that same place again where she was last night; leaning on David’s shoulder, crying and telling him how sorry she was and how much she loved him. "Now I know why Sharon has been so stinking happy lately", she chuckled to herself.

David remembered it all very well in spite of it having happened so fast. He had really surprised himself, a few minutes earlier he had been wondering if he could ever talk to Karen about how spanking might help them. But, here he was spanking away, watching his wife’s lovely ass turning bright red right before his eyes. David had been sternly scolding Karen for what she had done. He also scolded her for having been such a pain in the ass. "Sweetie, you’ve been a major pain in my ass for far too long, so now your ass is going to feel some pain". Karen was crying but somehow he knew it was changing, her crying was because she realized how bad she had been and she wasn’t asking for it to stop, she was only saying how sorry she was.

Dave really loved how beautiful his wife was, and he loved how sexy she dressed for work. Her position required that she always dress well and she always did in fact whenever she went out of the house. What bothered him now as he sat in the living room was that she was taking so long to come down. He had a little lump in his throat and felt a bit of panic. Here it was Saturday morning, she had no reason to be spending so much time dressing up. Usually Saturday was a sweat-pants and sneakers day. David was feeling afraid now but could not let that show, he was afraid that she was getting dressed to go out, to leave, to leave him forever.

Karen came down the steps and went immediately to the kitchen. David was dreading and fearing and could feel hollowness in his chest with concern but didn’t want to let on, she had to decide just what she wanted. He didn’t look around the newspaper right away and in fact hadn’t even heard her walk into the living room. He looked up and there she was, reaching out, handing him the paddle.

David reached out and took the paddle from his lovely wife’s trembling hand. She looked both so innocent and she looked scared. David wanted to just get up and hug her but he knew he couldn’t do that yet. Dave mustered his most calm and steady voice and then announced what was clear to Karen to be a firm order. “I’ve got some things to say and you’re going to listen. Now, turn yourself right around and get your nose into that corner and keep you ears open and your big mouth shut.”

Se didn’t hear any anger in Dave’s voice just determination, and that’s what just made it impossible to disobey. Karen sighed a bit exasperated but promptly did just what she was told. She was bothered that here she was ready for whatever happened. It had already taken long enough for her to get herself ready and steady enough to walk into this damn room. Now, it was just going to get protracted out and take longer and longer, she was as ready as she could be and just wanted the whole thing over with. The worst part so far was picking up that scary piece of wood from the kitchen counter. Of course she had to give herself a little quick swat at her own ass to see what it was going to feel like and quickly let out a surprised “OH SHIT” when she realized it just might be a whole lot worse than what his hand had felt like.

Karen couldn’t believe this, here she was, a fully grown mature woman and she was being ordered into the corner like a little bratty child. Then she realized that actually she had been acting like a bratty child every once in a while, just doing whatever she wanted. Well, maybe a bit more than just every once in a while. Doing whatever she wanted whenever she wanted without any concern about how things affected others and she certainly didn’t give a damn what they thought. “Ok, so maybe I’m fully grown but I guess I’m not always very mature.”

Karen was not enjoying this at all, David was going on about all the things that had been happening lately. “For someone who can’t seem to always remember birthdays and anniversaries he certainly seems to be remembering far too many of my escapades”, she thought. Karen was starting to get a bit uneasy and was shuffling from foot to foot. Every time she moved a little, the fabric of her panties reminded her of David spanking her last night and now there would be more to come.

David made it clear that he wasn’t happy. “Honey, this has all just gone way too far. I don’t know why you’ve been acting the way you have for so long but I’m not going to let you hurt us anymore. Well, maybe I do know why. I think you’ve just gotten it into your head that I don’t care one way or the other and I blame myself for that. But I’m not going to make that mistake anymore, ever. From now on, whenever you do anything that could hurt yourself or our marriage you’re going to find that I won’t hesitate to heat up your bottom with a nice firm paddling. What’s more you’re not going to show disrespect for yourself ever again by being disrespectful to me. Do you realize that every time we are out somewhere and you make some sort of wise remark that’s supposed to make fun of me you actually make yourself look bad to whoever we happen to be with? When you make those little snide biting remarks what really makes me mad is that you are making yourself look bad. Yes I get mad, you just don’t see it at all. You seem to think that you’re being the life of the party but the reality is, your lack of respect for me, lowers you. If I’m so bad and you settled for me, what does that make you look like? I can’t stand that, you are my wife and I love you very much and I can’t stand others not being able to see the wonderful woman that I know you are.”

Tears were running down Karen’s cheeks now, she wasn’t liking this scolding part at all, he was right and she knew it. She knew that all the things he was saying were true. She knew that she had hurt him all too often. She just never seemed to care before but now she wanted somehow to take it all back. The things that were in her mind right now were not the fun things that she liked to think about. She was thinking about all of those terrible things that she’s said and done to this wonderful man who she really did love and loved her. She was upset and now she was hoping that this spanking would really, really hurt because she deserved every bit of it.

Karen didn’t have long to wait, she wanted the spanking to start, the sooner it started the sooner it would be over. But, now she was slowly shuffling to the sofa keeping her eyes low, she just couldn’t look at David right now. She didn’t want him to see how much she had been crying. Yes, she knew it was going to hurt, she wanted it to hurt but she didn’t want David to know it. She wanted to take the punishment, she knew that she deserved it and she didn’t want to ever again act the way she had been acting but she wanted it to be her choice to change.

Karen couldn’t help but keep looking at it. There it was, that ugly scary looking paddle on the sofa right next to where David was sitting. It was thick, too thick she thought. It looked big and heavy. It was shaped like a hairbrush but about twice as long and she was sure that before the day was over it would have to be in the fireplace. Unfortunately, she could still feel the remnants of last night’s firestorm on her butt. Her cheeks were still tingling and her tummy was starting to get butterflies and her knees were feeling wobbly. “This isn’t going to be good”, she thought. “But I don’t care how much it hurts, I’m just going to take it and not lose control. I deserve it and it’s going to happen and then it will be over and that’s all there is to it.”

Karen climbed over David’s lap and grabbed the pillow from the end of the couch and hugged it, burying her face into it’s softness with anticipation of what was happening. Karen cringed as she felt coolness as David lifted her skirt out of the way. She lifted slightly to help him as he tugged her panties down. He pulled them down way to far and she began to wonder just how much of her backside he intended to spank. It wasn’t going to be long at all before she found out.

“OWWWW”, Karen let out her protest as David began to drop his hand firmer and firmer on those spots that were still sore from last night’s spanking. Karen’s backside was stinging terribly again and she didn’t like this even a little bit. All she remembered from last night was the burn, the heat that was still there as she cried herself to sleep. How could she have forgotten the sting? Still determined she grabbed the pillow even harder and clenched her teeth, she had no intention of letting out any more vocal complaints. She began to jump and squirm now and couldn’t help it or control it anymore. She knew her legs were kicking now and she now knew she could get away if she wanted to but she refused to give him the satisfaction. “Enough!” she screamed. “Ok, I get it… I’m sorry… OWWW, all right I’ve had enough!”.

After sending Karen to bed last night with her fresh spanking, Dave had gone back to the computer and spent hours on the internet. Dave had expected what was now happening and he knew just what to do. Karen was squirming and kicking harder and harder now so he stopped momentarily and swung his free leg over hers and locked it behind his calf. “The more you fight the spanking little lady, the longer it’s going to last, and we didn’t even get to the paddle yet.”

Dave’s words sent a quick sensation of panic through Karen but her brain was only concentrating on the awful wicked sting that was landing over and over again on her bottom. “Ok, I’m out of here” she thought kicking now as hard as she could and getting nowhere she pushed her hand back to cover her bottom to stop the spanking. David grabbed her hand and pushed it firmly into her te hollow of her back, forcing her tighter against his knee and pushing her ass higher for his easy use. “Ok, that didn’t work” and then slowly she began to realize that she did deserve all that was happening. She couldn’t stop it and was actually starting to get used to it and was beginning to think that yes, she could get through this and just then he stopped. Karen began to freak a bit as se realized this probably meant the paddle was on the way.

Dave wasn’t liking this, he could see that Karen’s bottom would already be sore for quite some time but he was determined that this was going to be a life altering experience for both of them and he wasn’t going to stop. He looked at the crease between her butt and thighs and saw that they too were now very red. During last nights spanking he hadn’t even spanked there at all but his late night research had told him that it was certainly a place to be concentrated on and so he did. He even had landed a few smacks to the tops of her things till they glowed too and it was clear that he now knew how to make her squirm and jump the most. Now however the time had arrived, it was time to use the paddle.

The paddle now landed with more sting and pain than Karen ever could ever have imagined and she was now loudly crying and screaming in unison with each new report. David could tell that she repeated over and over that she was sorry but her voice was getting harder and harder to distinguish from her tears. She was still fighting but the fight was diminishing. Karen’s mind was racing and retracing all of the horrible things that she had done. She knew full well that this was necessary and now it was as if she couldn’t even feel the awful paddle anymore and wanted to be able to feel it and couldn’t understand any of it. She wanted to be held, she wanted to be hugged and she wanted David to forgive her.

David released the lock that he had been holding on Karen’s legs and she practically jumped to his neck. Karen was still crying but the words were whispers in his ear. She told him how sorry she was and she promised she wanted to be his wife forever. “Please honey, promise me you’ll forgive me someday”. Dave was relishing how good she felt he couldn’t remember the last time they had embraced with such an intensity, with such passion. Dave quietly whispered back “Honey, everything is forgive already, I can’t help it I just love you so much”.
Neither one of them could tell the passing of time, but for the two who were still tightly embraced time was standing still.

Karen could feel how exciting this was to be in her strong man’s arms. She wanted it to last forever and wanted more of his touch and she wanted to feel every part of him. The security that she now felt in his arms was such a fabulous sensation and she was cherishing it. Karen could feel the heat on her bottom and the tingle that moments earlier was an intolerable hurt now just seemed a warmth that spread and made her feel more complete now than anytime she could ever remember. Calmer and content she again whispered in David’s ear. Her voice had a sensuality that just sent David a clear message that he would have understood even if he didn’t hear the words. The words she whispered so quietly and passionately told him that there would be no other plans for the day, “Honey, I need you inside me now”.