14 December 2008

Mutual DD, Tough Times, Tempers, Plastic Strops and Sore Cheeks

If you are talking about Doms and subs, well they might not fully understand the sort of peculiar relationship that exists when you are both Dom and sub. How can it be? Well, just be in love with someone who you’ve decided to not only be held accountable to… but also some who you’ve agreed to hold accountable.

Yes folks, a mutual domestic discipline relationship is very unique, and I’ve found it to be very special.

Well, I know better. However call it a scream for attention… Call it just plain stupid… This past week I did the unforgiveable. I drove drunk. As ususal, I made it home without problem Being able to drive in such a condition is not a blessing but a curse, that ultimately allows one to believe that they can always do it without problems… an impossible thing to do forever.

I talked to Minx from the bar, she guessed I was probably there. What she didn’t know was that I was knocking back shots with my beers… all of course on an empty stomach as I had not eaten all day. She had no idea just how wasted I was till I got home and was literally falling down. I text messaged her, (no excuse) that I was being naughty. I expected her to come get me. She did not... for one very good reason, her phone (and we verified this) never got the sent messages.

That’s been the way it’s been for us lately, we’ve had very odd and some very tough times some we've caused ourselves but most we've just been stuck in the middle of. In a nutshell... We are expecting to be evicted any day… or powerless,… or phoneless… or heatless… as we continue to dance around the bills that we can barely sometimes pay. Stress is high... no unbearable for both of us, and neither of us could deal with all of this without the other... tempers run on sharp edges… and we often need to grab each other by the earlobe and drag each other for a well deserved spanking but can’t even do that because we never seem to have privacy.

Well, come to the rescue… a friend. One special lady who knows our situation (who I used to mentor) let us use her house for a few hours today. Minx took full advantage and my poor ass is burning.

Thanks again to that special lady who managed to leave on her dresser (for Minx’s use) the wicked plastic prison strap. For those that may want to know… It works all too well.

12 December 2008

The Notorious Bettie Page

I was just reading about Bettie Page. It's hard to imagine what life would have been like for such a free spirit in the 50's. Not only was she a "Pin-Up" girl, but she was also featured in many BDSM photos.

Apparently she just passed away at the age of 85.

Kind of makes you wonder what your Grandmother might have been doing back in the day doesn't it?