24 November 2006

Attitude, Responsibility and Respect (Story)

Sharon tried to think back over the six months that had passed since that first time Peter had taken her over his knee. She was trying to see if she could remember each of the spankings that she had. It’s not that there had been too many spankings to count. Peter being a man of his word had always done his best to make sure that every single spanking would be VERY memorable, something he was painfully good at too. “Oh he is so wonderful and he loves me too” she thought and smiled at the difference.

Sharon knew she had changed so much, Peter had changed too, actually not much at all. The way that Sharon looked at Peter is what had changed most. Sharon now not only loved Peter, she realized that she respected him as a man as well, that is what had been missing before. Oh, there were times when he could, and would still push her button and get her angry, but she could no longer stay angry with him for hours let alone days, thankfully it was no longer tolerated thank God. Now they were communicating and if the conversation started to get out of hand, Peter would no longer tolerate it, he would simply put a stop to it with that phrase… “That’s quite enough. We’ll talk about this later when cooler heads prevail”. Those words, “That’s quite enough…” over the past six months had taken on such a new meaning for Sharon. She thought back how before, they had been keywords to turn up the heat, more volume, anger or sarcasm. Now Sharon knew that whenever she heard those words she was very close to having the heat turned up to nuclear levels on her bottom.

It had been less than a week since that first spanking, Sharon wasn’t sure now just how many days it had been in retrospect, she did remember it had been at least several days as she was no longer squirming on the kitchen chair THAT morning as she sipped her coffee. The first morning after, she could still clearly feel that first spanking’s agonizing glow. The next day after that, only when sitting or moving a certain way, That sensation, the sting, the heat, the tingle, although not a pleasant feeling, was always accompanied by such a contentment and a sense of security that she just couldn’t explain. That morning she had started in on Peter after he left a mess near the coffee machine. Peter had apologized as he cleaned it up, but no… she couldn’t leave well enough alone. She didn’t even remember what else she began to nag Peter about but it built and intensified till finally Peter said “That’s quite enough…”. Unfortunately for her bottom it wasn’t enough for Sharon, she didn’t let it go. Finally Peter went quiet and gave her “that look”… It pierced right through her as he told her in a calm quiet voice to get the hairbrush and wait in the bedroom.

Sharon had obediently gone to the bedroom, she took the hairbrush from the dresser, her hand shaking nervously as she placed it on the edge of the bed. It had not been said, nor implied but she knew what to do next as she then went to the corner and closed her eyes reliving how she got there. Peter would certainly be scolding but she already knew that it wasn’t the nagging, it wasn’t making an issue of the great coffee pot mess, it was the display of disrespect when she ignored her husband’s decision. Peter had decided that the conversation had degraded to argument and he wasn’t going to tolerate that decision being ignored.

As she anticipated and listened for Peter to enter the room Sharon convinced herself that this wouldn’t be too bad, she was glad that he had not told her to get that wicked bath brush, that would be intolerable. She knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant of course, and she knew that she didn’t really want it to be, but she wanted to be on the other side of the spanking and in Peter’s arms. Time in the corner always went by far too slowly, she wanted to get it over with and then found herself thinking the opposite… “Oh God, not already…” as she heard Peter walk into the room.

It had been less than two minutes since Peter walked into the room but already Sharon was sobbing uncontrollably, the tears welled up and streaked down her cheeks as Peter scolded his wife for her disrespect. She felt so much pain for having disappointed her loving husband as he pointed out, that this was the sort of thing that in their past had exploded into days and sometimes weeks of not talking to one another. Peter was determined that would never happen again.

“Come here now” were more words that now had much more power when she heard them from Peter, she obeyed. As she turned she watched as Peter rolled up his shirt sleeve, he then took his wristwatch from his left and moved it to his right wrist. Peter was left handed and she knew Peter was moving it to his other arm to protect it, she wanted her butt somehow moved for protection but knew the only place it was going would offer only presentation and absolutely no protection whatsoever. The sight of Peter moving his watch had made her gasp a quick breath, in the following months this became a silent and secret signal they shared. Sometimes a warning to be missed by others in public, sometimes a promise of what was coming. Sharon quickly learned how to tell the difference, it depended on being paired with “that look”.

Now she was over Peter’s lap and he continued to scold as the first warm up smacks found their target. Sharon said a little prayer asking for this to go quickly, seconds later Peter while picking up the pace announced that this was going to take quite some time and that she would be back in the corner at least once before it was all over.

The intensity of the sting had been incredible, now the elastic bands of her panties were laying right across the most tender spots of her bottom, it stung, tingled, itched and burned all at the same time and she wanted so much to touch and comfort her bottom but she knew better. Hands folded behind her head she concentrated on the pains, the pain from her bottom, but more importantly the pain in her heart that she had come so close to damaging their relationship with her disrespect as she had done so many times in the past. Grateful she now knew that her man would never allow that to happen ever again. He had said after sending her to the corner for the “intermission” that seemingly such a simple of sign of disrespect for him, or for herself would always get her the most severe spankings since they could so deeply cut the bond between them. Through the pain, because of it or in spite of it she felt it so strongly, she thought silently “God, I love this man”.

Sharon was regaining her composure and now was thinking that it just wasn’t fair that men got to wear boxer shorts if they chose but women had to have elastic bands in all the wrong places. Then again the signals that came from those elastic bands could be very strong indeed. Peter knew it too, her panties had been lowered in an almost cerimonious fashion, damn that man does too much research. He knew that the panties coming down and then going back on for the corner time added extra brain signals to the whole spanking experience. Just then Peter came back into the bedroom, as he sat on the edge of the bed he ordered his wife to tug them down so he could see how much more work he had to do… “Devious SOB, he knows exactly what he’s doing to me” she thought, then obeyed.

Peter quietly admired his lovely wife’s ass as he thought this whole spanking thing has a lot of added benefits, in all the years of their marriage he couldn’t think of a single time before when he could have said “Sharon, turn around and drop your panties so I can look at your ass…”. He realized that in spite of being a truly wonderful “Kodak Moment” this had to stay serious and real, he was resolve in not letting this be anything other than the exact discipline his wonderful woman needed. With this new life they were living Sharon had challenged him to be a real man and he wasn’t going to be anything less than that for her. Peter could see that he had left an uneven pattern and there was still more work to do, but he knew that it wasn’t her butt he was spanking but her attitude. They had decided that there would only be three simple rules and that would be that he would always hold her accountable for Attitude, Responsibility and Respect. This incident could fall into two of these categories but he had to consider this an issue of Respect and that had the most potential to be harmful. He had a job to do, he ordered Sharon to pull her panties back up and told her they would be getting back to business in just a few minutes.

Sharon returned to Peter’s lap when ordered, she squirmed slightly to get as comfortable as possible and as she did she could feel that Peter had a very quick response to her squirms under his jeans as she could feel him begin to grow. “Not now young lady, lay still, we’re not done yet” Peter’s tone made it clear that he would not be distracted from what he intended to do. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as she felt Peter tugging the panties back down. As the minutes went by just like that first real spanking a few short days ago she felt an intense pain that had to be soothed, that pain was not related to the endless sting landing on her bottom, that terrible pain was not being in his arms.

It had all fallen together so perfectly and she was very content with her sore bottom that Peter was now rubbing tenderly. They were embraced and cuddling for what seemed like both minutes and hours. Peter’s hand now was behind her neck, caressing her ear and holding her close. They settled and laid together quietly, after a few moments she slid her hand along Peters chest, she released the top button of his shirt and then moved her hand down to his jeans to find that what she felt earlier.

They spent the rest of the morning making love like newlyweds. They were now cuddling and laughing. Sharon said “Honey, I’m going to need to run up the credit card a bit. Each time you pushed deep inside me all I could think about was that I had to buy new sheets that won’t feel like sandpaper”.

15 November 2006

Last Night (Story)

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Good morning cutie,
What a nice little smile! You certainly seem to already be in such a happy mood this morning. Well, it was a wonderful night of love making wasn't it. I can't remember the last time we went at each other like that. Of course I don't think either one of us planned it that way did we.

I'm sorry, I know you're still very, very tender, but it had to happen. When you first came home and you were being so... quiet, I knew there was probably a lot on your mind. I understand that, but when you neaarly chopped my head off with that comment... I think it was the tone that really pulled my trigger. I could see in your eyes instantly that you knew what you had just set in motion. Of course when I sent you to our bedroom I think we both knew that it was going to have to be something we both remembered for a long time.

What really surprised me was how instantly angry I became. I didn't even realize I was doing it, but I think it took all of maybe two seconds before I had you over the table with you skirt up, panties down and both cheeks addressed. Yes,I saw the shock in your eyes as you turned and scurried to the bedroom, I was as shocked as you were. I'm so glad we use corner time. It may be unpleasant waiting and not knowing what is going to happen... or perhaps knowing what is going to happen, but not knowing how and for how long, but I would never want to put you over my knee for a long spanking so angry. You do know that it isn't anger that gets you over my knee, it's my love for you.

You know it seemed to take so long, I was both so affraid of hurting you, yet still knew it had to hurt a lot for the sake of our relationship. It doesn't make it any easier. Certainly not as enjoyable as the long sensual erotic spanking we did later last night.

I actually saw you go through all of the stages, especially when the fight was gone and you were still taking it all. Then when you were at peace with your situation... The good part of course was when you rolled over and embraced me... that voice of your's, it's SO sexy... Your sobbing whisper of "...thank you honey for loving me so much". I knew that the only thing that mattered in the world was this wonderful woman in my arms.

Well, it's time to wake you, might be a bit early... but you won't be getting ready for work right away. It might have been too much, assigning you a spanking for this morning too, but I can't go back on it now and I know you wouldn't want me to. Well you know I won't be feeling the sting and tingle that you will be feeling all day long, but I'll still be thinking of you, all day long too honey.

04 November 2006

The First Time (Story)

rSharon was getting a bit antsy as she stood in the corner waiting for what was going to be her first real spanking. It had been such a burning desire for so long to know just what it would be like, to feel so helpless and so much under the control of her loving husband. It had been so difficult of a subject to bring up, Sharon was so affraid that Peter would think she was some sort of warped psycho who needed therapy she had kept her desire secret from Peter for years.

Now as the time for Sharon's spanking approached Peter was calling out her remaining corner time and she was getting very nervous. "Honey, I have to pee..." she told Peter. Her soon to be Head of Household gave her permission to go to the bathroom, and told her that her remaining corner time of five minutes was now doubled to ten upon her return. She almost complained then realized it would certainly be the wrong thing to do. She smiled slightly as she realized she hadn't even been spanked yet and she was already learing to choose her words for the wiser.

Back in the corner she tried to stand still and failed miserably. Peter had already warned her once and said there would be no more warnings. She still had eight minutes to go when she heard Peter get out of his chair and walk toward the corner. Then she heard it, Peter undid his buckle and pulled his belt through the loops. The chill and shiver that went through her body was so strong she became putty as she heard that sound. Peter placed a chair behind her and ordered her to bend over and place her hands on the the seat of the chair. He wasn't going to wait, she had been disobedient in the corner and her HOH was going to deal with the matter right now. Twice he told her to stick her butt out further before that first crack landed across both cheeks. Nine more rapid cracks of Peter's belt pierced through her skirt and panties as if they weren't even there, she let out a scream.

This had been a dream, a fantasy, and now a fantasy that was rapidly coming true. Just two short weeks ago Peter was admonishing Sharon for having stopped with her girlfriends from work for cocktails. The fact that Sharon partook of social gathering didn’t bother him at all in fact he thought important that she have her own friends. However the fact that she lost her footing and brushed off the wall as she came into the house told him that she had probably had at least three martinis and then foolishly driven home. It didn’t take long at all before it was a screaming match, shouting at each other and then, without planing it, without realizing it she let out those fateful words that were now changing her life forever… “You don’t really give a f***, if you were a real man and really cared you would spank my ass raw…”. As the words trailed off her tongue silence erupted with the report of the proverbial pregnant pause. Puzzled and hurt Peter in a quiet voice asked for an explanation. Sharon bit her lip as she walked to the wet bar and poured herself a very tall glass of courage. Mumbling to herself as she slowly took the first sip… “In for a penny, in for a pound…” Then proclaimed, “Darling, you may very well think I’m totally f***ed up in the head but the cat is out of the bag so I may as well tell you it all. I know what I want and I know what I need”.

Sharon and Peter sat for hours talking, mostly Sharon doing the talking and she was amazed that Peter was actually listening with an intensity she had seldom seen. She was amazed to learn that Peter after all these years was telling her that he too had a few secret fantasies, they agreed to explore. Over the next two weeks they had become totally engrossed in each other’s interests and spent hours playing and planing and reading ever last bit of information they could find. Teaching each other about how these dreams would play out. This was not going to be a game, not role play, they both wanted this to unquestionably real.

The discomfort she felt was compounded by the fact that Peter had forbidden her from rubbing her sore butt as she now held her position with her hands folded behind her. "Oh shit, this is really going to happen" raced through her mind as peter announced one minute to go, then continued to scold her for the drving incident that would finally be firmly delt with.

As she was told to turn around, she could see that Peter was now sitting on the sofa, her heart skipped a beat as she noticed the hairbrush and bathbrush within his reach. His curling finger motioned her to his lap. As she waited Peter reminded her one more time that there would be no safe word, nothing would prevent her from getting the complete sound spanking she deserved.

It was too late for Sharon to ask herself if she was really sure that this was what she wanted, but she did anyway and gasped as she felt Peter lifting her skirt and then the tug on her panties. He pulled them down far enough to expose the tops of her thigs and she realized it was a mistake to point Peter to some of the better information about spanking on the internet. His hand was now moving across her butt as he pointed out to her all the spots that would be the most sensitive and that he had every intention of taking full advantage of them. He began with a slow warm up with his bare hand, then Peter announced "Honey, this IS what you need and this is going to make you submissive to me".

Sharon had expected a hot burning sensation and had never realized in all her fantasies and even durring the times that she had smacked her own ass to know what it would feel like... That the reality that was now playing out on her bottom was a sting, a relentless intensifying sting. The sting was building upon itself with every smack of Peter's firm hand and it was really starting to scare her that she wasn't going to be able to take very much of this. "Ok, wait... stop" she said as she moved her hand to block Peter's smacks. "No baby, it's not going to stop and in fact it hasn't even started yet" Peter answered, then grabed her hand and held it in place behind her back and made sure she realized that the smacks were going to get faster and faster.

Sharon was getting upset, Peter was smacking too fast and too often in the same spot, he wasn't doing it right and he was going to make it hurt too much in one spot. She decided that this had to stop now, if Peter wasn't going to stop she decied it was time to just jump up and put a stop to it now. Sharon was furiosuly kicking her legs now and if she had to she was going to bounce herself right off of Peter's lap. Contrary to her plans Peter held her in place and then swung his free leg over hers locking her in place. "No sweetie, you're not going anywhere and I'll be the onc to decide when you've had enough, we're just getting started".

The pause while he changed position barely gave Sharon a chance to take a breath before she lost it all, the hairbrush arrived with a fierce intensity that she had never imagined. Sharon was now crying loudly and began to plead, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Peter found that the flat of the brush on the sides of her cheeks were really getting a reaction so he concentrated there and changed spots without a predictable rhythym. Every time Sharon thought "I hope not that spot again..." sure enough it was as if he was reading her mind and landed a relentless volley in that exact spot. When he concentrated on the crease between her cheeks and thighs she began to fear that Peter would never stop.

Sharon was begging and pleading now, telling Peter she was so sorry. Peter in a calm determined voice answered her pleas, "Yes honey, I know your sorry, but not sorry enough yet". Sharon wasn't crying out so loud anymore as she mentally prayed that she could faint and wake up as it was all over, but instead was fealing more alert the less she wanted.

Sharon began to realize that this spanking that she was hating was exactly what had to happen. Her man, the man who loved her so much was taking his rightful place as her Head of Household and he was finally proving he wouldn't tolerate her hurting herself or their relationship anymore. Sharon latched so hard onto that acceptance that suddenly she realized that she hadn't even been able to tell that Peter had switched to the bath brush. She did know it was the bath brush, it was so God awful intense and the sting was accompanied by a deeper wallop now. Just as she was sure this was the right thing for her and thanked God it had finally happened Peter switched back to his bare hand. She wanted him to stop so much now, but not because of the pain but because it was so painful to not be hugging and kissing Peter, she needed to be held right now more than anytime in her life.

As Peter released the lock on Sharon's legs and moved her hand free she in one fell swoop was at his neck kissing and hugging him, begging him to forgive her. She began to wimper things that she thought were long forgotten in her own mind, begging him to forgive her, telling him everything as her emotions poured out in her tears and wimpers.

Peter simply whisperd "I know baby, it's all over now, everything is forgiven, everything will be alright... shush baby, it's all over...".

(To Be Continued)

Actually to be continued by you !!

I am asking any reader of this blog to respond with their own version of the perfect ending to this story.

I'll read any and choose the one that best matches my personal dream of how this expereince progresses.

Should they go on to hours of cuddling?

Perhaps Sharon and Peter go into a wild D/s adventure that tests their resolve to make thins work...

Or, perhaps they next try an erotic spanking.... How would it play out in your mind?

Personally I could write this story with a hundred different endings.


I'm asking how would you end this story?