27 August 2007


What seems to perplex many people is why is it that they feel the desire to be spanked. How can it be that many of these same people may never have had the experience of having been spanked as an adult, or for that matter some were never spanked as a child either, yet they crave it so intensely.

What’s truly ironic is that society today has taught us that we should feel free to practice our lives however we wish, yet at the same time has told us that the act of giving yourself to someone else to help provide discipline is wrong. It’s really surprising that those who often profess to be so tollerent and open minded are unwilling to understand that a woman, or for that matter sometimes a man would willingly submit to physical discipline from a partner. I suppose the simple fact is they just can’t seem to understand is that the basic act of submitting to a spanking from a partner can, and often does make a person stronger and renewed.

Properly done, a good spanking can leave your bottom quite warm and sore to the touch. In fact several hours later you may still feel that your skin is hot to the touch and, at that time it may actually be more tender than it was just a few moments after the spanking was over. Of course when the spanking is over there are other things happening that mitigate the pain. Your body has reacted to the assault on your bottom by releasing it’s own very effective pain killers. Additionally if the spanking was done properly, your thoughts are preoccupied with the intense emotions that are flowing through your head. But more importantly you are experiencing the intense dependence on the spanker who is continuing the experience with proper aftercare.

“It’s All Over”, “Everything is Forgiven”, “Everything Will be All Right”…Those words are just as important to hear and as needed as is the feeling of the arms that are cuddling you and just won’t let go. Those arms that moments earlier were occupied giving you an intense experience with a relentless sting are now providing an immeasurable comfort. Someone else, hopefully someone you intently love has given you the gift of caring about you, caring about your well being, caring about your behavior and helping you to reinforce your own confidence, by demonstrating to you, that you are important to them. Rebuilding the strength that is often the core of the submissive partner’s personality.