19 November 2009

Yeah, She Got Me Good... Damn Spoons

Ok...  I am HOH. However, I do agree to be submissive to Minx on a few items. I don't have a lot of rules, but there is no doubt that if I break a rule, I have to pay. Very simple, well I didn't know when or if I would pay actually.

Complications of lack of privacy mean that most of the time we can't just can't respond when it's needed in the way it's needed. however, that wasn't going to stop Minx.

It's true, I deserved a spanking. The odd thing is that for some silly reason I thought she wouldn't realize it, or if she did that she wouldn't act upon it... Silly (stupid) me !!!

Unfortunately, we've discovered a virtual cornucopia of implements that can cause excruciating pain yet shout little evidence of their use the silly quiet things tht they are.

The Cane.

The cane can be very wicked yet quiet, unfortunately Minx is learning how to use it more effectively every time she picks it up. Yes, she had me in the diaper position and she really needs to understand that such things are best for her to be in, not me.

Whereas the cane is pretty much right now pain, the DAMN wooden spoon that is too quiet to be noticed is something that Minx should not be allowed access to. Yes, she got me good and I was able to feel the result for two days.

Now since she hasn't been paying attention to spanking blogs for a while now, it could be a while before she knows. I just got another notice from my bank that yet again, I went into overdraft (and fees).  Well, she won't be happy about it that's for sure, but hopefully I'll have earned some brownie points by then. Hell, I washed the damn kitchen floor yesterday! That has to be good for some points... Right?

I love this woman.

13 November 2009

Meeting People

We all have some sort of idea or suspicion as to just what might have happened to ‘Spanked Hubby’ as to why he shut down his well known and popular blog. Most of it might center around what were probably some bad experiences meeting other spanking couples. My best guess is that one of the couples that he met with, were more extreme players than he was used to meeting with or had ever encountered. He in turn flamed them (her in particular). Then, probably encountered some sort of a shit-storm as backlash from the flaming.
(free photos from http://women-spanking-men.com/)

Well, none of us ever wants to encounter a shit-storm. There is no doubt that when the smelly stuff hits the big round spinning thing that pushes air the best place to be is somewhere else. So, why would anyone ever pursue a potential shit-storm?

Good question but I do sometimes, as I’m sure many of us do.

I contacted a couple that had posted that they were looking for like minded people. In any event the couple is somewhat new and might be more BDSM-ish than we are. Not that Minx and I can’t get into some light and sometimes heavy aspects of BDSM, but it’s not the primary interest of either one of us. Basically, we spank.

Unlike many DD couples ours is somewhat of a ‘Mutual’ DD. I can, and do willingly climb over Minx’s knee if she should decide that I need a spanking. When she does decide that it’s needed, I of course consider it indisputable by the way. That does make us a bit unusual as many who practice DD are male-led. Certainly of course there are a few female led couples out there, but apparently damn few mutual DD couples.

In any event, the couple I was considering meeting happens to be Female led which I have no problem with. Part of the conversation that came about was the possibility of both men being spanked by both women. Well, like any man, I’ve wondered and fantasized what it would be like to be with two women for anything and that includes spanking.

One potential stumbling block that came to mind to me was that once long ago Minx had asked me for permission to spank someone she knew from before we were an item. I forbade her from doing so, and it was no big thing at the time as she didn’t expect I would say yes before she even asked. I kind of think she wanted and needed me to say no. But I imagine she had promised that she would at least ask and I respected that but said no..

So now, I had to wonder. Would me telling her that we could or should spank with another couple fly in the face of the time that she asked and I said no as being contradictory. In any event, I wasn’t completely comfortable with the concept and again finally said no. Good thing too, since Minx thought the whole idea was simply to befriend another couple and didn’t include anything beyond that.

We’ve talked some about going to spanking events and finding others like us but of course situations and finances have always prevented it. I’m wondering, what is behind my desire to seek out others? Perhaps it’s the need to know that somewhere, there are others just like us and somehow that meeting them will make us more normal. Then again I have to wonder, having been ‘normal’ and hating it for so much of my life…

Why the hell do I ever want to be normal again?