26 September 2008

Could Submission Help Foster Feminine?

Privacy is such a rare thing for Minx and I right now. So, when we have it, we must use it even if the time may not be right emotion wise to address certain needs in a proper manner. However, we use what time we can in what ever way we can.

The other night Minx and I lay in bed and I rolled her over bottom up and gave her a warm bottom with hand and one of the light hairbrushes. It wasn't a spanking for a specific reason, nor was it very severe. Somehow I just thought it was needed. Her first reaction was "Do you feel better now?" referring to my obvious (biological response to having secured her submission for a spanking) pleasure while I spanked her. In response to her question I handed her the hairbrush rolled over and gave her the opportunity to have revenge which she too merrily indulged in.

When done I asked her "Do you feel better now?". She thought about it for a few seconds and completely ignored the fact that I gave her the opportunity to spank me and responded that it had been a while since she had a chance to feel submissive and feminine.

Tonight I came home and found Minx asleep on the sofa with the TV on... Butt in the air... Well you know what I did! Yeah, she jumped up and quickly sat up protecting her bottom from further immediate attention. Later I came over and gave her bottom more attention and remarked how we now had a Kodak moment candidate for the "Spanking Classics Red Butt of the Year" Award.

Actually, I believe she was again happy to have submitted for no other reason than to know that having submitted to my will that she be spanked made her feel more feminine.

What think yee?

18 September 2008

Creative Juices

Somehow I think Minx gets very nervous when my creative juices begin to flow.

Well, we needed something quieter for those special occaisions and I made a "homemade" Loopy Johny out of an old broom handle and a bungee cord.

Now you would think that Minx would be proud of me for having been very creative...

Not so.
She does not like it at all (especially when those creative juices land upon her cheeks).

She does not like the Loopy at all actually and gave me absolutely no serious "At-A-Boys" for having created it.

Yet, and here's the part that's NOT FAIR.... She had absolutley no reluctance to LIGHT MY ASS ON FIRE with the aforementioned Loopy Johnny durring a need for a quiet session upon my posterior a week or so ago.

This whole Spencer thing could get pretty ugly...

Damn, I need a new hobby.

06 September 2008

Broken Cane

I’m about to tell some things about Minx and I that neither her nor I have ever discussed or "blogged" about before in any sort of detail.

Anyone who has read our blogs knows how I won't hesitate to spank her poor bottom raw...
Well, she just might very well...
No, ah shit...
She WILL be returning the favor.

Now those of you who may have read some on the things here, or particularly on my Yahoo 360 know that I am not your typical eyeryday found on any street corner Dom-ish Disciplinarian. If you know anything about me you’ll know that my first sparks into non-vanilla-ism was based on some deep seeded need to be submissive. Butt, then there were complications.

Well, like an experienced subbie friend who when I told her that I thought I had some dom-ish tendencies told me that she could tell I was a natural Dom but she knew I had to find that out for myself. Although my whole approach to LDD has been keeping it as far from BDSM as possible there are of course those other times when minds drift to the D/S aspects for any sort of play.

Well all of this gets so complicated and confusing sometimes…

There are times when I know that the label of switch suites me best. In any event Minx has known this about me from the start, or actually before the start and one of the first things that came up when we became an item was that perhaps a "Spencer" thing might work really well for us (at her suggestion). No, not that she has ever had any Fem-Dom desires but she does have a basic desire to give me whatever I might want or need.

Uh… is that bottoming from the Top or subbing from the side…
who knows…
It doesn’t really matter in the long run…


I resisted.

In hindsight not because I didn’t know that she was probably right but because I’ve spent an hour or two Googling "Spencer Plan" and have come to the conclusion that there is little if any evidence of it being any more than an urban legend. Some sort of well organized hoax story… great idea that it may be.
My resistance with time has worn away by my inner desire at times to be on the wrong end of the paddle, and to find ways to be closer to her.
Fast forward to a week or three ago…

On one of those rare occasions I found myself face down into the bedcovers with my butt propped high… Minx sitting on my back to hold me down and spanking the living daylights out of my poor ass. Yeah, despite underlying curiosities and all I don’t submit very well. Now… here’s the thing. Minx got VERY wet and I got very excited (read hard) about the whole idea.

I told Minx that I was wrong to brush off her long ago suggestion and told her that yes, it might just be the perfect thing for the two of us.

Well, that of course means that at some point I have to get the same sort of AAAC (Avoid At All Cost) spanking that she has become very familiar with. Hard as it may be she has done her best to give me that spanking (Apparently I need to be restrained for such a thing). On the couple of occasions that she has tried to get us going on that track… I’ve resisted and Dom-ed my way out of those spankings.

The really scary part for me is that she has learned (first-hand) from our toy collection what really, really hurts. Oh yeah, she knows how to use them all including the old broken cane. Perhaps she needs to scold me into submitting without restraint. She did get me over some pillows and managed to land about nine really memorable strokes with the old (broken 6" short) cane. It was that last stroke, she was more adept with each one… Stroke number nine was extrememly painful and left my ass with a sore sport that lasted for about five days.

The whole experience brought to mind one of Minx's better quotes: "What the hell was I thinking when I decided on this whole spanking thing… I need a new hobby." (Scarlet Minx, 2008)

One of the unique aspects is that the whole time I may be thinking that a spanking may be enroute to my ass... I still have to be there holding Minx accountable... the double edged paddle of a Spencer-ish relationship.

I know how hard it is for Minx to even try (in spite of our recent discovery about it’s ability to get her wet).
Uh-Oh, did I somehow uncover a closet FemDom? We do have very little free and private time together, however I know the sooner or later the inevitable will certainly arrive upon my poor cheeks.

Thank you God for the gift of letting me have this woman in my life… I love her so much!

Minx my sweetie...


01 September 2008

Lots of Sting

Well Minx has a very sore bottom and this series of spankings probably the most severe she has ever had from me.

She certainly deserved a good spanking but she crossed the line and misbehaved durring the spanking, she wrote about it on her blog so I won't repeat it here but lets just say her mouth got out of control when she saw the bath brush.

Minx hates sting, so I made sure she got plenty very intense sting. What she doesn't get very often but she did get this time was that deeper muscle soreness that stays after the sting is gone.

As time goes by I love Minx more and more every day. Being someone who has paddled a number of naughty bottoms over the past couple of years, you would think it would get easier for me. The thing of it is it's actually getting pretty hard to spank Minx. It's one thing to do a GG spanking but when she needs a really good spanking it gets harder to do every time.