29 October 2006

The Mentor and Spankee

"My bottom smarts"
"it stings so bad"
"It burns and hurts"
"I can't sit..."

So many women want to be able to say these things. It’s absolutely amazing how many women want to be disciplined and actually spanked till they can't think of anything else. They want to be spanked. They want a man who will take control and teach them to be submissive to his authority in a relationship.

It just doesn't happen that way. For as hard as it is for a man to find a woman who wants to be spanked, it's just as hard for a woman to find a man that she can tell that she needs to be spanked.

So, many women while wanting to find a head of household actually find a Dom. That can be all well and good, or it could be a nightmare. He may work out to be the perfect solution or he may treat her as a doormat which may be the last thing she wants.

As I've posted before it's not domination that makes a good HOH, rather honorable character, integrity and consistency. It would seem that most people have a common view that respect must exist by and between both parties. How can you have respect without those precious traits.

However wherever or however you find these things people should always take every conceivable caution especially for that first time meeting if between a would-be Mentor and Spankee. Discuss it all and understand every step, ask and answer all question even the tough ones. Protect yourself with a call from a friend that knows. Nothing new, but when it feels like it's going to happen all caution goes to the wind, be smart and avoid that error.

28 October 2006

Five Lies Women Tell Themselves

Wow, what an epiphany.

Guys... Wake up and smell the coffee!!!.

The woman in you life may very well want to tell you things... Things that she wants to do... Special things that may fulfill her fantasies. She needs you to have an open mind....

Here's the scoop:

I've spoken with more than one lady who has found her way into the world of DD through D/s or BDSM. In fact I've spoken with, or had LONG involved IM discussions with women who:

1) She’s was sure that you would NEVER agree to spank her.

2) She’s sure that you are SO square that if you heard her fantasies you would call a lawyer to find out how you could have her committed

3) She’s convinced that you'll never understand that SHE HAS FANTASIES TOO !!!! (because she doesn't know you have them).

4) She thinks that you would never let her try to find your 'G' spot. (Yes, you have one too)

5) That all you want is a quick lay or a nice BJ... and a cold beer... Well, you do!!! But more is nice too... but they she doesn’t know that.

These poor women just don't understand that we guys do have more than a passing interest in sex. The poor things think we just want to pump out a kid or two, get a nice BJ now and then and call it a day. The poor thing just doesn’t realize that we might actually be willing to climb into bed with both her and her fabulously large breasted best friend along with a bottle of chocolate syrup.

(I'm from Philly)

For GOD sake tell her you like sex!!!

21 October 2006

No Safe Word

It's impossible to explore the BDSM world without having a firm understanding of Safe, Sane and Consensual. They are the magic words that bind and set the boundaries of safe sex play. Everyone who plays this way must have/use a "safe word". One couple may decide that "Red !!!" will make everything stop... "Yellow" means "I'm getting scared. and green means give me more asshole you're not being hard enough with me. No matter... In the world of LDD it can be just the opposite and a couple that has decided to push the edge of LDD may very well decide that Safe, Sane and Consensual have no place in their bedroom. To do so requires and intense trust and complete communication.

When she is ordered over his lap she may may want to know that she does not have a way of stopping the inevitable spanking. She may very well want to know that absolutely nothing will, or can prevent or protect her from getting a her life altering bottom warming.. She may want that kick of knowing that all control is taken away.When there is such a surrender of control there is compete trust and an intensity that can not be described.

14 October 2006

We Truly Are a Creative Lot

Since spanking can be such a mind game I was wondering just which implement got the most attention from bottom/subs when it was realized that a fresh cheek warming was coming their way. That initial attention "Oh Shi* Factor" can have such an impression on the perceived severity of the forthcoming spanking.

This morning I posted a little quiz on my Yahoo 360 page, I started adding the typical things, paddles and such and then I realized that the list could be virtually endless and left a simple "Other" as the last choice for everything else from wooden spoons to canes. Realizing that the general spanko community is full of creative minds and at the drop of a hat we can look at virtually anything and wonder just how it could be used and might it be an effective implement. We truly are a creative lot aren't we?

I'm anxious to see if anyone comments with a "You should have had "X" as a choice because...".

Inquiring minds want to know.

04 October 2006

Is It True?

This entry started as a reply to sassyminx who commented on my previous post. I decided it needed an entry of it's own. Oh, well... perhaps it's silly to spend so much time wondering why we, who do TTWD, do this thing we do...

Does a submissve regret the disapponitment that you've caused your HOH more than the pain of the spanking?

Do you think this brings a D/s (as in BDSM) aspect to the relationship?


Perhaps, do you think that that practicing LDD makes ones want to avoid the consequences of pain or dissapointment equally?


Do you crave the pain of the punishment spanking because you know that with it comes forgiveness and aftercare?

Perhaps what drives you is the need for a 24/7 in the home. You are in control in your profession, but don't want control at all in your private life.

Just some thought provokers...

Tell me what you think, makes you crave LDD.