15 June 2010

Mainstream Spankos

Bogey and Becall at Our Bottoms Burn linked to a surprisingly well done article at Fox on Sex about spanking.

I remember some sort of survey a while bak that I quoted in a previous post about how worldwide 20% of consenting adults are spankos. However, in the US for some reason that number rises to something like 40%.

Can't help but wonder what makes the US so spanko-able.

20 May 2010

Ok, I did it now.

I told Minx that she forgot...
Severa..."l weeks ago.. she called Top.

She got pissed at me, for good reason.
She forgot about it.

She said: "You wait till Friday, you're really going to get it...."

So, I've been waiting for that.

She called 'Top', and I do give her that authorithyto do so. Well, we will see if she actually takes advantage of  that.

Well I suspect that if she ever does realize how much authority I've given her... Then my butt is a gonner... but we will see...