13 July 2008

No Free Time... No Privacy

It's been quite a while since I've had the time to do much of anything in the way of browsing the net, let alone post any blogs. Work has been very demanding, yet provides woefully inadequate financial reward. It's been very difficult for both Minx and I lately and I don't think either one of us could survive without having the strength of the other to rely on.

In any event we're still here and counting on better tomorrows.

01 July 2008

When You Don't Want a Spanking... You Really Need One

Tonight I slapped Minx's behind a few times and she yelled that she didn't want a spanking... That's when I knew without a doubt that she really needs a very, very good spanking.

Sometimes not having privacy is just an inconvenience, sometimes I think in our case it's too often the norm and the most insideous thing that we have fighting our relationship. Both ways by the way. We have and we can practice to a degree mutual LDD... When and if we can actually practice it... Not quite a "Spencer Plan", but there are times when I do find the need to know that Minx has in the past... and hopefully will in the future hold me accountable for certain things... Much to her regret sometimes I think, because I don't believe she get's as much out of that weird aspect as I would hope that she would. Weird shit I know, but who of us could claim to be 100% normal.

I digress...
Minx, when you wake tomorrow and find that finally... after a very long time... I've posted to my blog the important thing for you to know is that you will be getting a very, very memorable spanking. Yeah, I know... When? Well... whenever we can have the needed privacy. Might be sooner than you would expect so you should sit comfortable while you can my sweet woman that I love so much.