03 April 2009

Cane Pain v2.0

I think that since the cane is extreme, it's also very fast with it's result. Expeditious yes, in that it takes a yet to be punished bottom and goes from zero to major ouch quite quickly, it left her still needing more. So, More cane pain for Minx came last night. She thought it was needed too, so rattan met already tender bottom again with a promise of a paddling this morning. The only time we can get a spanking in, is very early morning when all the urchins are asleep. Since she has to leave so early it makes it virtually impossible for complete aftercare so it's not a prefered method. She thought about not waking me up, but she knew she needed it.

There's also no doubt that when a paddle lands on an already tender bottom the intensity is multiplied. Minx's reaction was strong even when I first started with just my bare hand now that I think about it. Usually Minx can take quite a bit of spanking of ever increasing intensity, before her legs start kicking but this morning her legs were running the three minute mile almost from the first swat.

All is now forgiven and never needs to be talked about again, I believe things are again all well, she is my Good Girl.

01 April 2009

Cane Pain

Our biggest frustration is that we too rarely have any alone time. It wears on both of us far too much and unfortunately we aren’t in a financial position to do very much about it at this time. It becomes stressful to say the least and yesterday which was Minx’s day off threw some gasoline on the fire.

The day started off about the same as any other day, which is normally the way we like to see things. Unfortunately after running a few errands together I decided to meet my son’s pleas and spent about an hour helping him with his car. Combined with the time I spent trying to get the mower running (First Rite of Spring). Well, I think it left Minx in a bit of a mood probably feeling that on her day off, I should have been spending time with her. Mind you, I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and Minx has been spending three weeks or so trying to get me to relax a bit. Well, yesterday afternoon she did her brattiest to reverse her previous efforts.

The small block Chrysler is one of the better engines that has ever come out of Detroit. Although a large part of my youth was spent playing with small block Chevy’s I can admire the sound of the Mopar (Chrysler) small block since the siamesed exhaust ports make it sound very much like the small block Chevy, a sound I truly enjoy. However, when I’m in the right lane doing a respectable 55 plus a little and I hear a roaring small block Mopar under heavy throttle... and it happens to be Minx’s vehicle passing me at an ever increasing speed… Well, I don’t find THAT enjoyable.

The cane can be a fascinating implement, albeit a bit difficult to master and most assuredly that more difficult to endure. Because of our privacy issues the cane has become a more often used implement, which Minx hates with a passion possibly even more than the Eco-Friendly bath brush mentioned in a previous post. To date probably the most intense cane experience were some "railroad tracks" that lasted maybe about a day. That has been surpassed, today Minx has her first real cane welt and it will likely be with her for a while.

One was enough for now, I won’t go into the rest of the details of why I punished her, but she is also forbidden to have her CDs for her (far too long) ride to work and was sent to bed early with no TV and no computer for this morning (which she forgot about). The challenges continue and evolve but never diminish my love for her, somehow it just gets stronger.