03 December 2007

Uncluttered Workbench - (Story)

Dave wanted to make sure that when opening day of buck season came around he would be ready. Although it had been cleaned before being put away in the cabinet last season he wanted to again make sure that his firearm would be in top shape. David spent a good part of Saturday morning disassembling the action making sure that every part was in perfect condition and properly lubricated. Shortly he would be driving over to the range to meet Peter and they would spend the afternoon fine tuning their scopes if needed, and maybe stop for a beer or three.

David took particular pride and care of his workbench, it was spotless and each tool was cleaned and put away as he was done with it. Not quite as extensive as his father-in-laws workshop, it was none the less all he needed for now. He remembered the last trip to visit the family and that comment his father-in-law Ron made was still bouncing in the back of his mind. Karen had been her usual bitchy self most of the day. The men had retreated to the workshop if for nothing else to enjoy the game and avoid confrontation as best as they could. Dave really enjoyed spending time with Ron, his in-laws certainly didn’t fit any typical horrible stereotype. Just as the teams were returning to the field after halftime Karen stormed into the workshop still with her bitchy tone. She was screaming something about wanting to be taken to a movie and the men should try and find something in the paper for them to see. Karen then threw the paper onto the workbench knocking over some things in the process. Ron stood and announced in a firm tone David had never before heard from Ron, "Young lady!" Karen turned very pale and caught her breath and said in an almost trembling voice, "I’m sorry daddy". She then retreated out of the room, David was totally amazed, if only he could turn down her bitch volume like that. "Ron, you’ll have to teach me how to do that", David said with a chuckle.

Shortly the awkwardness of the moment subsided and Ron looked Dave straight in face and said "I’ve got a question for you son, do you still have that jigsaw?" Taken back a bit David said, "Well, yes I do". Ron smiled slightly and said "All day I’ve been thinking about what you need to do and now I’m sure. When you get home take a piece of ¾" oak and make yourself a nice paddle for that wild one’s ass!" Dave was stunned, here was his father-in-law telling him that he should paddle his daughter, his little girl. "Dave, I’m going to the fridge and I’m going to get us a couple of beers. We’re going to have a little talk and I’m telling the girls were going to be watching some movies on the DVD right here at home tonight, I hope you like John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara…" Ron said as he was walking away.

Peter was a little perturbed that he was just on the edge of the paper target so he and Dave spent a good hour adjusting the rifle scope till as close to a perfect inch and a half high on the 50 yard range. Dave kept ribbing away as they moved to the 100 yard range and verified that they were both shooting perfect groups. "Pete your just getting old, it just takes you a bit longer to get the cobwebs out of your eyes at your advanced age", Dave jabbed. "Well Dave, as thanks for you taking the time to help an old frail fart like myself I’ll buy the first round".
Peter and Dave just like their wives had been life long friends and it only took two beers before David was relating the story of what his father-in-law had said on their last visit. David told Peter that he just couldn’t believe it. Peter, as usual listened intently through the story.

"If your done and want to listen to something…" he then ordered another round and looked at Dave and smiled. "Dave, this old fart has something to tell you that’s going to really knock you socks off. Dave, let me ask you. Have you seen any difference in Sharon over the past year or so?"

"Well, yeah Pete for the better actually now that you mention it. I know you two were going through some rough times but now you guys seem like the perfect couple and both of you seem to a lot happier together. Hell, sometimes you two act like a pair of love-struck teenagers it seems anymore. Borders on sickening when I compare to what I live through".

"Well Dave, it’s not always that way, Sharon still has her moments but now I know what to do about them. Well one about a year ago she came home and almost fell over, she was totally tanked and never should have been driving. I was really pissed and we started fighting and somehow it just came out, she told me what she needed."

Peter went on telling the story of how Sharon wanted, no… needed spankings. He mentioned that she was the one who had brought it up and that at the time he couldn’t believe it either. "Dave, we were on a dead end street. I was sick of the arguments that would just get louder and louder till finally they got so loud we wouldn’t talk for days. So, when she brought it up I was willing to try anything. It’s been quite a bit of learning and I’m still learning more everyday. Honestly, I really had a hard time trying to understand how it could be that the woman I promised to protect and cherish wanted me to spank her bottom. It’s all really hard to believe but that’s just how it is.

Dave was amazed that by all that he was reading, he had no idea that there was so much on the internet about spanking. Even more so, he was amazed that there were so many people who seemed to practice discipline spankings. Annoyed at being interrupted, David answered the ringing phone. "Dave, it’s Pete. I just got a call from Dave Anderson, he was on patrol and saw Sharon almost hit a deer and now her car is stuck in a ditch. He said it was right down the street from the Toast-n-Roast. He thinks that’s where she came out of, but he does think she’ll be ok to drive home, he plans to follow her anyway. Well, just to let you know since we talked about it some. One of Sharon’s rules is that she is supposed to call me before she stops anywhere for a drink. Then, she’s supposed to call and let me know when she’s leaving so I can talk to her and tell from her voice if she’s ok to drive. She didn’t call me at all. When she gets home she’s going to be getting a real good spanking. So, I figured I would let you know. I’m willing to bet that she was with Karen" "Pete, I haven’t talked at all about it with Karen and she doesn’t have any rules, I can’t just spank her just like that… just because Sharon is getting a spanking, she gets one too." "That’s not what I’m saying buddy, but it is a chance that you could use to talk about it."

Dave was getting worried, it had been well over an hour since Pete had called and he hadn’t yet seen Karen and she wasn’t answering her cell phone. Just then he heard the garage door so he sighed with relief. Barely five seconds later came the crashing sound. Dave sprung from the chair and ran to the door. When he opened the door he immediately began to steam. There in the cold glow of the garage light was the once perfect car now with it’s mirror shattered and dangling from wires on the side of the door. The front of the car was against the workbench and all of the jars and coffee cans with nuts, bolts and washers now spread wide all over the workbench, and still rolling off onto the cars hood.

Karen nearly fell over as she climbed out of the car. "Karen Marie, you’re shit-faced and now look at what you've done. What do you have to say for yourself." David was actually amazed by his own tone, he instantly realized the voice he was using sounded more like his father-in-laws than his own. Karen took a few steps toward David and tried to stand as straight as she could. She then reached to take the cigarette from her mouth with a failed attempt at being graceful. Quickly she looked back over her handy work, then proudly answered...


While she had her sobbing self glued to her loving husbands shoulder last night he had told her that she had a decision to make in the morning when she could think it over with a clear mind. He said she could either decide if she wanted to be held accountable by him or she could decide on a divorce. He had told her that in the morning he was going to get up early and go down the basement and make a paddle. He told her that when she got up in the morning she would find two things on the kitchen counter. He told her that one would be a paddle and one would be a phone book. She could bring him either one of them. "One way or another our lives are going to change big time starting tomorrow morning. Bring me the phone book and we’ll look up some lawyers. Bring me the paddle and you’ll get a real good sample of what you can expect anytime you hurt yourself or our relationship."

It really didn’t take anytime at all to decide, it was a no-brainer. In fact she already knew instantly last night as soon as David’s hard hand landed on her bottom that this was what she deserved. No, it was what she needed. She knew she was out of control, no one could control her, not ever actually, not even herself. Apparently that was all going to change now, at least that’s what David said last night and suddenly she realized that she had no reason to doubt him. Karen knew that she had been a real bitch and now she knew that she could still be a real bitch anytime she wanted. But now she would pay the price with a sore ass. Even worse she had been stupid, she knew better than to drink and drive. The damage was bad enough but she was really disappointed with herself knowing that should could very well have killed herself or worse someone else with such stupidity.

Karen was glad that the noise of the shower was loud enough so she could no longer hear David in the basement with his damn power tools. The worst part was that he was making something awful for her poor bottom. "Well, he’s always been a man of his word". Karen stepped into the shower and let out a little gasp as the warm water splashed on her cheeks and made them sting again. She wished to herself that it wouldn’t be very bad, but she did know that it was going to be absolutely awful. She hated the thought of it, but it couldn’t possibly be much worse than what his hand had felt like now could it.

Karen always knew how much Dave loved to look at her when she was dressed and how he didn’t care for her normal weekend baggy clothes style. Today, she decided she would dress for her husband. Well, actually she was doing it for herself too, she kept thinking about how it felt last night when he lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties and somehow it seemed to be both scary and very erotic to think about. When she shut off the shower faucet she realized she couldn’t hear the noise of the power tools anymore and her heart began to race.
When she was standing there last night and David walked up and took the cigarette out of her hand she almost thought he was going to lean down and kiss her for doing such a nice job of screwing up the car. Instead he leaned down and looked right in her eyes and said "Things are going to change young lady and they’re going to change right now". Within seconds her feet were scurrying to keep up as David had her under the arm and was leading her, no almost carrying her to the living room. It all happened so fast but she knew instantly as she was being put over his lap what was happening. She knew very well that she wasn’t going to be getting a nice kiss when she felt her panties being tugged down. What was really shocking was when David told her that she was going to be getting the same thing Sharon was getting right now. "Damn that girl… I never knew she could keep a secret, and what a secret".

Karen played it all out again in her mind, how it had all happened was very clear and what really surprised her was how content she now felt. There wasn’t any doubt in her mind that within the hour she was going to be crying and screaming and pleading for it to stop just like she had last night. She didn’t care that it was going to hurt, well she cared and wasn’t happy at all knowing that she was going to get a paddling. But, she wanted so much to be back in that same place again where she was last night; leaning on David’s shoulder, crying and telling him how sorry she was and how much she loved him. "Now I know why Sharon has been so stinking happy lately", she chuckled to herself.

David remembered it all very well in spite of it having happened so fast. He had really surprised himself, a few minutes earlier he had been wondering if he could ever talk to Karen about how spanking might help them. But, here he was spanking away, watching his wife’s lovely ass turning bright red right before his eyes. David had been sternly scolding Karen for what she had done. He also scolded her for having been such a pain in the ass. "Sweetie, you’ve been a major pain in my ass for far too long, so now your ass is going to feel some pain". Karen was crying but somehow he knew it was changing, her crying was because she realized how bad she had been and she wasn’t asking for it to stop, she was only saying how sorry she was.

Dave really loved how beautiful his wife was, and he loved how sexy she dressed for work. Her position required that she always dress well and she always did in fact whenever she went out of the house. What bothered him now as he sat in the living room was that she was taking so long to come down. He had a little lump in his throat and felt a bit of panic. Here it was Saturday morning, she had no reason to be spending so much time dressing up. Usually Saturday was a sweat-pants and sneakers day. David was feeling afraid now but could not let that show, he was afraid that she was getting dressed to go out, to leave, to leave him forever.

Karen came down the steps and went immediately to the kitchen. David was dreading and fearing and could feel hollowness in his chest with concern but didn’t want to let on, she had to decide just what she wanted. He didn’t look around the newspaper right away and in fact hadn’t even heard her walk into the living room. He looked up and there she was, reaching out, handing him the paddle.

David reached out and took the paddle from his lovely wife’s trembling hand. She looked both so innocent and she looked scared. David wanted to just get up and hug her but he knew he couldn’t do that yet. Dave mustered his most calm and steady voice and then announced what was clear to Karen to be a firm order. “I’ve got some things to say and you’re going to listen. Now, turn yourself right around and get your nose into that corner and keep you ears open and your big mouth shut.”

Se didn’t hear any anger in Dave’s voice just determination, and that’s what just made it impossible to disobey. Karen sighed a bit exasperated but promptly did just what she was told. She was bothered that here she was ready for whatever happened. It had already taken long enough for her to get herself ready and steady enough to walk into this damn room. Now, it was just going to get protracted out and take longer and longer, she was as ready as she could be and just wanted the whole thing over with. The worst part so far was picking up that scary piece of wood from the kitchen counter. Of course she had to give herself a little quick swat at her own ass to see what it was going to feel like and quickly let out a surprised “OH SHIT” when she realized it just might be a whole lot worse than what his hand had felt like.

Karen couldn’t believe this, here she was, a fully grown mature woman and she was being ordered into the corner like a little bratty child. Then she realized that actually she had been acting like a bratty child every once in a while, just doing whatever she wanted. Well, maybe a bit more than just every once in a while. Doing whatever she wanted whenever she wanted without any concern about how things affected others and she certainly didn’t give a damn what they thought. “Ok, so maybe I’m fully grown but I guess I’m not always very mature.”

Karen was not enjoying this at all, David was going on about all the things that had been happening lately. “For someone who can’t seem to always remember birthdays and anniversaries he certainly seems to be remembering far too many of my escapades”, she thought. Karen was starting to get a bit uneasy and was shuffling from foot to foot. Every time she moved a little, the fabric of her panties reminded her of David spanking her last night and now there would be more to come.

David made it clear that he wasn’t happy. “Honey, this has all just gone way too far. I don’t know why you’ve been acting the way you have for so long but I’m not going to let you hurt us anymore. Well, maybe I do know why. I think you’ve just gotten it into your head that I don’t care one way or the other and I blame myself for that. But I’m not going to make that mistake anymore, ever. From now on, whenever you do anything that could hurt yourself or our marriage you’re going to find that I won’t hesitate to heat up your bottom with a nice firm paddling. What’s more you’re not going to show disrespect for yourself ever again by being disrespectful to me. Do you realize that every time we are out somewhere and you make some sort of wise remark that’s supposed to make fun of me you actually make yourself look bad to whoever we happen to be with? When you make those little snide biting remarks what really makes me mad is that you are making yourself look bad. Yes I get mad, you just don’t see it at all. You seem to think that you’re being the life of the party but the reality is, your lack of respect for me, lowers you. If I’m so bad and you settled for me, what does that make you look like? I can’t stand that, you are my wife and I love you very much and I can’t stand others not being able to see the wonderful woman that I know you are.”

Tears were running down Karen’s cheeks now, she wasn’t liking this scolding part at all, he was right and she knew it. She knew that all the things he was saying were true. She knew that she had hurt him all too often. She just never seemed to care before but now she wanted somehow to take it all back. The things that were in her mind right now were not the fun things that she liked to think about. She was thinking about all of those terrible things that she’s said and done to this wonderful man who she really did love and loved her. She was upset and now she was hoping that this spanking would really, really hurt because she deserved every bit of it.

Karen didn’t have long to wait, she wanted the spanking to start, the sooner it started the sooner it would be over. But, now she was slowly shuffling to the sofa keeping her eyes low, she just couldn’t look at David right now. She didn’t want him to see how much she had been crying. Yes, she knew it was going to hurt, she wanted it to hurt but she didn’t want David to know it. She wanted to take the punishment, she knew that she deserved it and she didn’t want to ever again act the way she had been acting but she wanted it to be her choice to change.

Karen couldn’t help but keep looking at it. There it was, that ugly scary looking paddle on the sofa right next to where David was sitting. It was thick, too thick she thought. It looked big and heavy. It was shaped like a hairbrush but about twice as long and she was sure that before the day was over it would have to be in the fireplace. Unfortunately, she could still feel the remnants of last night’s firestorm on her butt. Her cheeks were still tingling and her tummy was starting to get butterflies and her knees were feeling wobbly. “This isn’t going to be good”, she thought. “But I don’t care how much it hurts, I’m just going to take it and not lose control. I deserve it and it’s going to happen and then it will be over and that’s all there is to it.”

Karen climbed over David’s lap and grabbed the pillow from the end of the couch and hugged it, burying her face into it’s softness with anticipation of what was happening. Karen cringed as she felt coolness as David lifted her skirt out of the way. She lifted slightly to help him as he tugged her panties down. He pulled them down way to far and she began to wonder just how much of her backside he intended to spank. It wasn’t going to be long at all before she found out.

“OWWWW”, Karen let out her protest as David began to drop his hand firmer and firmer on those spots that were still sore from last night’s spanking. Karen’s backside was stinging terribly again and she didn’t like this even a little bit. All she remembered from last night was the burn, the heat that was still there as she cried herself to sleep. How could she have forgotten the sting? Still determined she grabbed the pillow even harder and clenched her teeth, she had no intention of letting out any more vocal complaints. She began to jump and squirm now and couldn’t help it or control it anymore. She knew her legs were kicking now and she now knew she could get away if she wanted to but she refused to give him the satisfaction. “Enough!” she screamed. “Ok, I get it… I’m sorry… OWWW, all right I’ve had enough!”.

After sending Karen to bed last night with her fresh spanking, Dave had gone back to the computer and spent hours on the internet. Dave had expected what was now happening and he knew just what to do. Karen was squirming and kicking harder and harder now so he stopped momentarily and swung his free leg over hers and locked it behind his calf. “The more you fight the spanking little lady, the longer it’s going to last, and we didn’t even get to the paddle yet.”

Dave’s words sent a quick sensation of panic through Karen but her brain was only concentrating on the awful wicked sting that was landing over and over again on her bottom. “Ok, I’m out of here” she thought kicking now as hard as she could and getting nowhere she pushed her hand back to cover her bottom to stop the spanking. David grabbed her hand and pushed it firmly into her te hollow of her back, forcing her tighter against his knee and pushing her ass higher for his easy use. “Ok, that didn’t work” and then slowly she began to realize that she did deserve all that was happening. She couldn’t stop it and was actually starting to get used to it and was beginning to think that yes, she could get through this and just then he stopped. Karen began to freak a bit as se realized this probably meant the paddle was on the way.

Dave wasn’t liking this, he could see that Karen’s bottom would already be sore for quite some time but he was determined that this was going to be a life altering experience for both of them and he wasn’t going to stop. He looked at the crease between her butt and thighs and saw that they too were now very red. During last nights spanking he hadn’t even spanked there at all but his late night research had told him that it was certainly a place to be concentrated on and so he did. He even had landed a few smacks to the tops of her things till they glowed too and it was clear that he now knew how to make her squirm and jump the most. Now however the time had arrived, it was time to use the paddle.

The paddle now landed with more sting and pain than Karen ever could ever have imagined and she was now loudly crying and screaming in unison with each new report. David could tell that she repeated over and over that she was sorry but her voice was getting harder and harder to distinguish from her tears. She was still fighting but the fight was diminishing. Karen’s mind was racing and retracing all of the horrible things that she had done. She knew full well that this was necessary and now it was as if she couldn’t even feel the awful paddle anymore and wanted to be able to feel it and couldn’t understand any of it. She wanted to be held, she wanted to be hugged and she wanted David to forgive her.

David released the lock that he had been holding on Karen’s legs and she practically jumped to his neck. Karen was still crying but the words were whispers in his ear. She told him how sorry she was and she promised she wanted to be his wife forever. “Please honey, promise me you’ll forgive me someday”. Dave was relishing how good she felt he couldn’t remember the last time they had embraced with such an intensity, with such passion. Dave quietly whispered back “Honey, everything is forgive already, I can’t help it I just love you so much”.
Neither one of them could tell the passing of time, but for the two who were still tightly embraced time was standing still.

Karen could feel how exciting this was to be in her strong man’s arms. She wanted it to last forever and wanted more of his touch and she wanted to feel every part of him. The security that she now felt in his arms was such a fabulous sensation and she was cherishing it. Karen could feel the heat on her bottom and the tingle that moments earlier was an intolerable hurt now just seemed a warmth that spread and made her feel more complete now than anytime she could ever remember. Calmer and content she again whispered in David’s ear. Her voice had a sensuality that just sent David a clear message that he would have understood even if he didn’t hear the words. The words she whispered so quietly and passionately told him that there would be no other plans for the day, “Honey, I need you inside me now”.

16 November 2007

The Practical Joke (Story)

Sharon’s memory of the incident was at best vague, it was the typical regretful result once again. The dangerous combination of alcohol and listening to Karen, “Karen did it too me again” she thought. It had been just another in a long series of regrettable things that Karen had managed to somehow convince her would be a good idea.

There was that time long ago when they were teenagers, that first cigarette. Sharon still remembered the first inhale and that dizzy feeling that made her cough and almost fall over. Karen had convinced her that becoming smokers would make the older boys pay attention to them. The reality was that the only thing cigarettes ever got her was the same thing she had right now, a very sore bottom. Sharon’s memory of her mother walking into her room holding that pack of cigarettes was still strong. She remembered seeing her mother holding the cigarettes in one hand and the hairbrush in the other. Try as she might, the only other thing she remembered about that whole spanking was that long comforting hug when it was all over. It had been the only time as a child that she had ever had more than just some attention getting smacks to her behind, yet it was nothing at all compared to what Peter had just managed to do. She thought how she wanted a cigarette now, she had no doubt that such a request in the corner would get an unfavorable response.

Sharon was sure she remembered this latest incident as a bad idea but she didn’t really remember it all that well. If she hadn’t forgotten totally about it she certainly would have disarmed the trap. It had taken a few tries for the tipsy girls to get the shoebox lid balanced just right. Giggling and trying not to make too much noise and waking Peter from his snoring bliss. The shoebox lid that they had mischievously filled to the edge with lilac scented talcum powder was set. The silly prank was supposed to dump on Peter before he went into the woods for the hunt Saturday morning. The trap never did spring that morning, but it certainly did this morning onto his still wet hair and naturally all over his best suit. In fact it was the only suit Peter had brought to the cabin, he intended to be leaving directly for work so he could be early for the big meeting today with that new client. Hind sight, for the lack of a better term told her that she still would have gotten a spanking if the powder had fallen all over Peter’s freshly “de-scented” hunting clothes, not that the alternative could been any consolation.

The couple had planned on going out for a quiet dinner that evening. Sharon knew that dinner plans were doomed the moment Peter walked into the kitchen covered in powder. Naturally, when she first looked up and saw Peter standing in the kitchen doorway covered in powder it had been after she had taken a full sip of coffee. Adding insult to injury she erupted in laughter and the mouthful of coffee had actually given Peter a few little coffee splatters on his already ravaged attire.

Sharon had no doubt that she would be remembering this spanking session for a very long time. For as much as she hated standing in the corner she was sure that right now the last thing she wanted to do was sit down. This had already been the most painful spanking yet from her loving husband. Try as she might it was difficult keeping her hands clasped together, the urge to touch and comfort her hot cheeks was very hard to resist. When she was sure that Peter had left the room she slowly slid her hands down and cupped her cheeks. “Damn”, she thought to herself as she felt her hot swollen bottom. Peter had certainly managed to efficiently braze her behind. The realization that it wasn't yet over forced her to bite her lower lip. “Ok”, she thought, “I really do deserve it, I never should have listened to Karen, but it was really was my fault, I knew it was a bad idea.”

There had been times before when Peter had taken off his belt, dear God how she so hated that sound. Now she was sure that she hated something even worse, the damn new acquisition. On one hand she knew that they needed to own a scary implement that could be used on those rare occasions. Unfortunately this was the occasion and the only thing rare right now was her poor tender backside. When she had placed the order she had considered that the seller might be trying to trump up the wicked device with that comment “Very Severe”. Now Sharon was sure they were actually making an understatement and she knew leather would no longer always feel yummy.

For as painful as the new implement was, the intense sting of the prison strap was nothing compared to how agonizing it was being over the arm of the loveseat. Not being able to be over Peter’s lap not being able to feel his closeness during the discipline, it was a dreadful sensation. This was truly a punishment that she never ever wanted to experience again.

“You just had to rub didn’t you?” Peter asked. Sharon hadn’t even noticed that Peter had returned to the room. “I’m sorry Sir, I just couldn’t help it… I didn’t think you would catch me doing a quick little touch”. “I didn’t, until you just told me”. Sharon heard Peter removing his belt and instantly felt the onslaught of those tummy butterflies. She knew what she had to do and immediately turned enough to bend over. The belt landed a dozen quick times on her already blazing bottom and she was now crying loud and hard as he helped her stand up and back into the corner. “We’ll see if you can remember to be obedient in the corner now, if you’re not I expect honesty, now and every time. Is that understood little lady?” “Yes Sir” was her quiet trembling reply.

The wait for Peter to return to the room had been excruciating, even harder were those words “Come to me now”, always heard too soon. Sharon turned and saw Peter waiting for her, she moved to him and wanted it all to be over. Peter motioned for her to sit on his knee. His hand lifted her chin till she couldn’t help but look in his eyes. “You know honey, I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I had a difficult time not breaking into laughter myself when I came down to the kitchen this morning. Then for a while on the drive back to the house I didn’t think I would have time to stop and change into the other suit for my meeting and I was steaming. I wasn’t sure just what tonight’s spanking should be like, but the more I thought about it the more I was sure that it had to be severe. What you did was very disrespectful to me and it was selfish. Your little joke for the quick little laugh could have ruined the whole weekend for me, not just the inconvenience of having to change clothes. Suppose the trap fell on me Saturday morning when I was going out hunting. You do know that one of the few pleasures I have besides being with you is being able to relax in the woods hunting, that’s one of the reasons we have the cabin. I do look forward to it all year long. You do now that when we’re there during the ski season it’s because I know you like it so much. You know I don’t shi, the only thing I do on skis is fall down. Well, being there during hunting season is what I enjoy, I need that chance to unwind, to relax and I do know you want me to have that. Just imagine though what kind of mood I would have been in having that powder dump all over my hunting clothes. I would have been angry all day in the woods, it would have ruined it for me. Your little childish practical joke would have crashed the only weekend that I can go hunting this year.”

Sharon was hating this, she couldn’t stand seeing the intensity and the sincerity of the disappointment in his eyes. He was right of course, he worked hard all year and she very much wanted him to enjoy his time hunting. She was so happy that when Peter hunted he wanted her close and not 100 miles away back at home. She knew many men wanted their wives that far away so they could have their little Animal House like debauchery filled hunting trips. Sharon did love the fact that Peter only wanted her close always. Peter gently kissed the tears that were rolling down her cheeks and motioned her back over his other knee.

The sting was naturally intense, unbearable and at the same time, was fading, she just couldn’t feel the physical pain. Now, Sharon only felt the regret for what she had caused, that terrible hurt look in Peter’s eyes. That was the most painful thing she could imagine and she never wanted to see that again. Sharon was still lost in her thoughts but was now flat on the bed, her bottom being gently rubbed with lotion. She turned and felt his wonderfully comforting hug and fell in love all over again as Peter whispered his love in her ear. She wanted time to stop forever and didn’t want to ever let go, quietly she whispered those same words to Peter. Exhausted, Sharon and Peter both drifted gently to sleep in each other’s arms.

09 November 2007

Walls of Resistance

One of the most difficult hurdles that an HOH can face is the fact that at times the spankee is resistant, or defiant prior to or during the spanking. No, not physically resistant, but the attitude just fights acceptance. The spankee knows that a spanking is needed and the spanking is actually wanted but there is just a combative mood that can keep the spanking from being effective if it isn’t addressed properly. The spanking is viewed as being inevitable and it is realized as being needed. Let’s call it a wall and unless that wall is broken down or at the very least, has a few cracks created the full benefits of the spanking won’t be realized. Perhaps it’s impatience with the whole procedure, “Just get it over with…” or it’s just one of those days and one of those moods. The spankee doesn’t like this aspect of her personality and she really is hoping that her HOH can bring her back to the person that she wants to be. The desire is there to be on the other side of the spanking cherishing the aftercare, but somehow that seems distant and unobtainable. If the disciplinarian can recognize this wall, this attitude of mental resistance there is a chance that it can be eliminated with careful scolding.

Life has a way of complicating even the most thought out actions and the fact that we are now such a mobile and sometimes distant society adds another dimension. We communicate and plan, often by phone or IM and the plane fact is that often without face to face interaction it’s difficult to really understand the emotional impacts of our words and actions. The result being that often the spanking may have been over planned well in advance. The spanking may have been scheduled or it may have been talked over far too many times or already at too much length. There may very well have been scolding, hours or even days before the spanking has a chance to become reality. The value of anticipation can be lost and that wall who’s downfall is sought may have already been cracked but has already begun to mend. Consequently the value that scolding can add to the process isn’t as strong or as attention getting as it might have been when the need for the spanking was first realized.

Ultimately there may be a point where the full acceptance of the spanking just isn’t going to happen. Continued spanking will only cause physical results and the message that both parties want to become reality just won’t arrive. It might be necessary for the disciplinarian to turn the purpose of the spanking. “I’m just not getting through to you am I? I hope I’m wrong but we may just have to visit this subject again and if we do, it will be much worse.” Give forgiveness and full attention to aftercare, talk it over and realize that sometimes the most important result that may come from the discipline is the reinforcement that the HOH won’t hesitate to do whatever is needed. In this respect what may have originally been intended as punishment may in fact be more maintenance than discipline. There should of course be communication. Talking it over later may reveal that there might have been some aspect of the scolding that may have encouraged anger instead of remorse. In any event it’s not something that should be viewed as regretful, but embraced more for it’s value as it can teach both HOH and partner how to work together.

The HOH must learn lessons too. Sometimes the basic lesson is nothing more than being able to understand that there can be too much build up. Perhaps too much time between the points where it was realized that a spanking was called for and when it finally comes to fruition. Understanding that it’s always better if the peak of emotion can be matched with the act of submission. Remorse for having disappointed the HOH can be much more meaningful and intense, not just breaking the wall but removing it’s foundation.

07 November 2007

The Hunting Trip (Story)

It had been a late night for the girls while Pete and Dave had been off to bed early. The trash can was full of empty wine coolers while the tequila bottle next to the now dead lemon wedges on the countertop told the full story of the girl’s little late night party. The men were intent on being in the woods well before first light so that they could freeze to death trying to kill poor little Bambi. Oh it wasn’t that either one of them had anything against hunting. In fact both Karen and Sharon had hunted before with their husbands, but they were both content to let them go off and do their guy things while they would have their girl time alone in comfort of the warm cabin.

Sharon’s hands weren’t very steady as she poured the tomato juice into the pitcher. Karen managed to squeak out a little laugh past her genuinely tired looking face as she noticed Sharon still with an uneasy sway. Moments later as she took her first sip of the Bloody Mary, Karen remarked how it reminded her of the long ago college days, trying to steady the hands and cool the brain before heading off late to class as usual. Sharon agreed that she was reminded of some of those not so good old days too.

Before long the concoction had done it’s duty and the girls were again laughing and enjoying their time together. After a few seconds of silence Karen said “You know honey, there’s something that I really think you should know”. Karen mentioned that when Peter had interrupted their shenanigans last night and told them to “keep it down”, it had sent a shiver through her, and that she was glad it wasn’t Dave who had come to quiet things down. “Sharon darling, if it had been Dave I might not be able to sit down right now”. Sharon could barely contain herself, she wanted to interrupt Karen and tell her all about what Peter would indeed be doing to her own backside before very long. Peter had used their sign; he had moved his watch to his other arm and seeing that little secret motion had told Sharon that she indeed had earned herself a good spanking.

Sharon was biting her lip trying to wait her turn to speak, yet hanging on every word that Karen had to say about what the two of them apparently now shared in common. Karen began by reminding Sharon of that night they had stopped at the cocktail lounge for a drink a few weeks ago. “Yes, I remember that night all too well,” Sharon chuckled. “Well, Sharon, I did say I would be leaving right after I finished my drink, but I actually had two or three more”, Karen confessed. “It was clear that I should never have been behind the wheel, then I managed to rip the mirror off the car pulling into the garage...” Karen paused then continued, “David was not very happy to say the least and then he did something that I never would have imagined.” Karen went on to describe How David had practically lifted her by her arm and dragged her to the family room and placed her over his knee and there was absolutely nothing that she could do to stop him. “Sharon, my David isn’t a big man, maybe if I had been sober I would have been able to fight him, but I just couldn’t stop him and honestly I didn't want to. I knew I was wrong and I knew I've been out of control and I knew I deserved it and I really think it's exactly what I wanted him to do. I just can’t explain all the thoughts I’ve had since then. My husband spanked my ass till I was crying like a little baby, then he told me that things were just getting started and they would never be the same again. Sharon, every time I think about that night it still gets me excited knowing that my David, my man, won’t put up with my foolishness anymore.”

Karen continued on, telling how it had been only the tip of the iceberg and that since that night she had managed to find out that David was truly a man of his words. She had in fact over the recent weeks found herself numerous times again in that same position being spanked beyond tears. “Sharon, I can honestly say that I’ve never before been able to feel like so much of a complete woman. I really wish that we had managed to add this new dimension to our relationship years ago. I’ve always loved David since the first time I ever saw him, but I don’t think I ever respected him before, I certainly do now. I know now that nothing will ever prevent him from taking action, and that he’ll never again allow me to hurt myself or our relationship.”

Sharon had been having such a hard time keeping quiet while Karen had been confiding in her. She actually did know that the expressions on her face were probably giving her away so she really didn’t have any trouble making that little acknowledgement. “Karen, my Peter is exactly the same way and it’s the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to us”. It felt so good to be saying those words, to able to tell someone. It was especially wonderful to now be talking about this with her best friend, something she never could have imagined she could ever do. She had so much to say and discuss, she knew that she could now tell someone about her most treasured secret and that now she would have someone who could listen intently and not judge or jump to the wrong conclusions.

Karen smiled and said, “Yes dear, I do know all about it. That first time I was getting my bottom burned over my husband’s knee he told me that the same thing was happening to you while it was happening to me. It would appear that our dear husbands do talk to one another. “So,” she chuckled. “Apparently I have you to blame, or actually, you to thank for my poor sore bottom”.

26 October 2007

There's Something I Have to Tell You (Story)

It had all happened so fast, it took longer to think it out than it did to actually happen. Sharon had stopped with her best friend Karen for just one. Well, just one doesn't happen very often does it. It couldn't have been more than a half mile from the driveway of the cocktail lounge when Sharon saw the police car come out from a side street and follow her. Then from the corner of her eye she saw a large buck at the edge of the road just as it leaped in front of her car. Sharon locked the brakes and skidded into the drainage ditch but missed hitting the deer.

As she opened the door to climb out the police officer was already standing alongside the car, his lights flashing to warn traffic around the scene. "Are you all right?" he asked as he shown his light at her. "Yes, except I think I ruined a perfectly good pair of panties...". She was both embarrassed by her response but relieved as he chuckled. The officer took a walk around to the front corner of the vehicle to look over the damage. When he walked back he announced that it looked like the wheel was scuffed up, but it looked like the car would be ok to drive. "I'll call a tow truck to pull you back onto the road and I think you'll be ok...". He returned to his car to make the call.

It wasn't long before the tow truck arrived on the scene and it took very little effort to pull the coupe back to the hard road surface. The tow truck driver looked the car over too and said "You might need a new wheel and an alignment but it'll get you home tonight". Sharon was relieved and also very glad that the officer while taking her information for his incident report, didn't seem to notice that she had a couple of drinks. Then as he handed her drivers license back he said "That was a bit of good driving I saw, good thing you didn't have too much to drink cause that deer could have come right through you're windshield if you hit it". "Shit", Sharon thought, he knows. "I'm Officer David Anderson, if you should need a copy of the incident report for your insurance company just stop by the station". Sharon thanked him as she started the car for her drive directly home. The police car appeared to be following .

Sharon knew that Peter wouldn't be upset by the little accident but the fact that it had happened after drinks with Karen was sure to get her a very sore bottom. It was only a few blocks to home but she raced through the whole scenario in her mind. Funny, not long ago she would have hesitated to tell Peter fearing for the safety of her bottom. Now, these days things had changed, she no longer feared Peter's spankings but craved them for the forgiveness that came when they were finished.

Sharon walked into the house and put away her things, she hadn't seen him yet but she knew from what lights were on that Peter was in the family room reading his paper. "Honey, there's something I need to tell you" she announced as she walked in and sat beside him. Just then she saw that wicked nasty hated wood paddle on the end table. Peter met her stare and announced, "That's right honey, I just got off the phone with Dave, I've known him for years".

25 October 2007

It's Just Not Fair (Story)

Sharon had anticipated that Peter wouldn’t be in a very good mood when he saw the wrong garage doors. She had been the one who was home when the contractor had stopped by for the last change order. She had been the one to tell the contractor of their choice and she had been the one to sign the contract. She was sure that she had shown the contractor the right ones, the less expensive ones that Peter had decided were the only ones that they could afford. Somehow foolishly, she must have specified the wrong ones.

The decision had to be made, the contractor had to place the order and they had not yet come to an agreement as to which doors they would order. Sharon wanted the doors that they both agreed were better looking but Peter was adamant that they were just too expensive. After days of looking at the catalogs and no mutual decision having been reached, Peter made it clear that they would have to settle for the less expensive doors. There had to be a limit to the costs, and the garage doors were the best place to cut back.

Having to be away for the past three days while so much work was being done to the house had bothered Peter. Not that he didn’t trust Sharon to mind the nest while he was away, but she certainly wasn’t as likely to notice a problem with the construction as he would. For as much as Peter was looking forward to seeing the new renovations to the house, he wasn’t sure why Sharon sounded less than pleased when they talked on the phone. When the headlights illuminated the garage doors Peter began to fume as he saw why. Peter certainly liked the look of the new garage doors, he was sure that ultimately they would enhance the curb appeal of the house but they were wrong, it had been one of the few things that they had disagreed over.

Sharon wasn’t really very anxious for Peter to get home, at least not yet. She knew there would be issues and she knew how those issues would be dealt with. The worst part was she just couldn’t understand how she could have managed to have made such a mistake. She wondered why if she was going to make a mistake it hadn’t been on one of the color choices, he certainly would never notice something like that. Well, the best she could do now was to try to lessen the tension, she needed time to devise a plan of defense. Before leaving the bedroom, she saw here full figure in the mirror and thought to herself… "Sorry Ms. Ass, little Ms. Brain managed to arrange something nasty for you". Somewhat almost amused she chuckled and walked from the room knowing the immediate future was cast and soon coming to fruition. She wondered if it would better if she met Peter at the door with a drink wearing only a smile. Too late, the door opened and she saw that look on his face and the anticipation of the evenings inevitable events made her want to run and hide. Not that she could hide, or that it would do anything but make matters worse .

Once again Peter had managed to totally surprise her, not that long ago she had thought that he would never be able to spank her at all, let alone do such a thorough job of it. Staring at the wall was something that she really didn’t like. She knew when she went back over his knee for the finale the sting would be even worse. The scolding and lecture however were the first to bring down her wall of resistance, she hated it, yet it did make it easier to accept the actual spanking and the sooner that happened the sooner she would feel his embrace and cherish his forgiveness. Tearfully, she wanted to make it clear, and she was sure that he did understand that it had been a mistake and not deliberate disobedience.

Embraced in his strong wonderful arms she cherished his aftercare, it simply and inexplicably made the whole painful experience worthwhile. Neither of them budged to pick up the phone, but as they heard the message monitor a hurt look descended on Peter’s face. It was the contractor, he had found out that the distributor did indeed ship the wrong doors and he was offering to split the cost difference. Sharon saw the pain in his eyes as he realized he had just needlessly punished the woman that he loves. Sharon in a quiet content voice said "That’s ok honey, it can’t always be fair. Besides, I’m sure that there’s probably something else that I deserved a spanking for".

19 October 2007

It Can’t be Only Physical Pain

It’s not uncommon for many people these days to establish an online relationship where one or both parties crave the experience of spanking. What can and does happen is both parties become anxious for a date and both arrive not just wanting, but more aptly craving things to progress quickly. Things can and do progress quickly. Inhibitions were probably already removed from the matchmaking equation days or weeks before with long online chats and phone calls. Naturally as can be expected, the basic desires overrule any common sense and the couple rushes to privacy where the fantasies can be fulfilled in the hastiest fashion.

While lying across this man’s knee she begins to realize that this is finally going to happen. This man is going to be taking control and he has every intention of seeing that she is properly spanked for the things that she wants to be held accountable for. This man knows that this woman craves to feel her bottom sting and burn and he will see to it that she gets exactly what she wants.

As the volley of spanks progress she begins to wonder why the hell she ever thought that this was what she wanted. Before long her bottom is stinging worse and worse from the relentless smacks and she just can’t take much more. She keeps waiting for that magic moment to arrive, the pain is unbearable and is rapidly getting intolerable. Everyone on all of the discussion boards always talk about how wonderful it is to be in this position being taken over knee and getting a sound spanking and she can’t imagine why she isn’t feeling the wonderful things that she heard of and dreamed about. What’s wrong, why isn’t it wonderful for her?

Another Experience
This time it’s different, she knows that she has disappointed this man and she can’t imagine why or how she could have been so foolish as to do the things that she has done. This man, who she has come to realize, cares so much about her. He often seems to care more about her than she cares about herself. Now, she’s done it, with her actions she hurt this wonderful man. It’s so different this time, the remorse is real. As ordered she lifts her head and looks into his eyes and sees his pain, his disappointment cuts deeply. Her eyes are welling up and a tear rolls down her cheek. She obeys and hands him the hairbrush and lays across his lap, she wants the spanking to start now, she wants it to be everything she deserves, now she craves and prays for his forgiveness.

As often as she may wish to feel the sensation of losing control, as often as she may dream of having control taken from her. As often as she may crave to feel herself in the zone of knowing that there is absolutely nothing she can do to stop the painful spanking that she knows she wants and deserves, it could be meaningless without one ingredient. That one ingredient would be knowing that she's disappointed someone besides herself. It could be the one item that will help take her to where the stinging pain of a spanking becomes a secondary, it no longer can sting too much. Where the wall falls down and emotions that have built up can come pouring out.

05 September 2007

It's Not About the Cuffs

From the perspective of consenting adults who wish to practice DD, it’s very disturbing when one realizes that often those who crave to give up control to a would-be Head of Household have the potential to be blinded by their desires. Someone who has never been spanked as an adult, yet craves to give the authority for discipline to another becomes very vulnerable and can quickly become a victim of the uncertainty of her desires. Especially when it’s considered that often the would-be spankee believes that what they are looking for is a strong dominant person. Unfortunately they just may find a very strong dominant person or worse, an inexperienced dominant person and then have aspects of D/s play introduced.

There are far more people with D/s experience than there are with DD experience and knowledge cruising the pages and groups of the internet. It’s very easy for someone who wants to find a Head of Household to instead find a Dom. Consequently the would-be spankee in her haste to find relief for these cravings that she feels, willingly accepts that this must be part of what it is that she wants. The encounter can quickly digress to a very unfortunate and disappointing experience. I’m not trying to say that a Dom can’t be part of a wonderful fulfilling experience within the boundaries of a lifestyle of domestic discipline. In fact I believe it’s even possible for a woman to be submissive to her HOH under their chosen lifestyle of LDD and then have what would appear to be a completely different sexual role as a dominant behind the more intimate closed doors of the couple’s sex life with aspects of BDSM play.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with BDSM play. In fact, I can’t help but imagine that many couples who do have a very rewarding LDD lifestyle, do when the mood strikes them practice various aspects of BDSM play. The most important ingredient of such play is the fact that when safely practiced both, or all participants have an excellent understanding of just what is going to happen and that often such play is well choreographed to insure that nothing is left to chance when it comes to safety. The relentless mantra of those with extensive experience with BDSM is Safe, Sane and Consensual.

Yes, spanking can and does invoke some very powerful sexual sensations. However I believe that often what a woman may wish for is a more traditional lifestyle where she can freely choose to give her HOH the authority to discipline her for things that she wishes to be held accountable. Time and again she may have been upset with herself with some of her actions or in-actions and she does not want that to happen again. She wants to be encouraged to meet her own goals. Something of a paradox but none the less real, what is often actually happening here is the woman is choosing her own form of encouragement and that aspect is not sexual. She is looking for a different kind of strength that is not physical. Those base traits of character, integrity and consistency are the strengths that become key to LDD on any level, are also the keys to developing the LDD mantra of Communication and Trust. The fact that her HOH has risen to and accepted the role and has proven to be of strong enough character to do so with consistency and fairness can however act as a very strong emotional and sexual stimulant.

04 September 2007

Johnny and Susie

Johnny and Susie grew up in the same neighborhood and knew each other for as long as they could remember, their parents were good friends. When they were little they often played together but as they became teens they began to have different friends. When Susie was in high school she became very upset when she didn’t have a date for the Junior Prom. Naturally Susie’s mother made a phone call to Johnny’s mother, and well... Johnny reluctantly agreed to take Susie to the Prom.

To make a long story short it turned out to be their first of what would be many dates. Over time they became closer and closer and got to know one another’s dreams. It was right before the Senior Prom when their baser instincts took over and they had sex for the very first time. Shortly after graduation they became engaged and the following June they lived happily ever after. Well, maybe not completely happy. They both had curiosities that they had tried to bring up to one another, you know… fantasies. Without ever realizing it they had each deflated the others temporary openness by saying something completely deflating like “That’s too weird…” or “I can’t understand anyone who would want to do that…”. So fantasies remain only that, just fantasies.

After many years of marriage and parenting, sometimes wonderful times and some not so wonderful times, Susie and Johnny finally grew apart and decided that divorce would the best thing.

It wasn’t long before loneliness began to take it’s toll on Susie and she refused to do any more of those horrid dates with the friend of a friend of someone that used to work with what’s her name. Susie decided to try online dating since it had worked so well for her friend. Well, there were some nice dates and there were some not so nice dates but at least she was getting out. Then, one night while on the internet ‘IMing with a friend, her friend happened to mention that she was surprised how much information there was available n the internet about kinky things.

It wasn’t long at all before Susie began to explore some of the websites that happened to deal with those lifelong fantasies that had been in the back of her thoughts for as long as she could remember. Susie explored and was surprised to find that she wasn’t alone, there were a ga-zillion people out there who had the same fantasies that she did. She began to join some message boards and it wasn’t long before she had a new list of friends that she IM’d with and she began to imagine that she might be able to meet a man who shared her fantasy.

It wasn’t long at all before Susie managed to meet someone online who seemed just perfect. In no time at all they were telling each other their most intimate secrets and imagining their fantasies were being fulfilled with each other. Of course it wasn’t perfectly easy, he was 200 miles away. It wasn’t long before they were spending hours on the phone with each other almost every night and what seemed all weekend long. They both decided that they just had to meet.

It was going to be a safe meeting, they assured each other that it had to be. They would meet in a public place that would be safe, they would have “safe calls”, they wanted each other to know that it would be right. Naturally, nerves were on edge when they first met but within minutes all inhibition was gone and they felt completely comfortable with each other. Shortly they were headed back to his hotel room and the rest is history.

It’s hard to say that what happened with Susie isn’t natural, in fact it probably comes more naturally than the long traditional meeting and courtship that she had with her X husband Johnny, they only followed their basic biological instincts. What is out of the ordinary, is that internet dating has established a new society where time honored standards for meeting potential partners just don’t apply. In fact not only don’t those traditional standards or “date etiquette” apply, they fit a timeline that is opposite of what actually happens online. Even with basic vanilla online dating, dislikes and inhibitions are some of the first things that are eliminated from the equation, unfortunately so are cautions.

Often what we plan and say we will only do and practice just don’t happen with real life encounters. It would appear that often everything from practicing safe sex to having safe calls from a friend are ignored and thrown out the window along with our inhibitions. Extraordinarily dangerous on so many levels, such actions that throw care to the wind can have devastating physical and emotional consequences.

27 August 2007


What seems to perplex many people is why is it that they feel the desire to be spanked. How can it be that many of these same people may never have had the experience of having been spanked as an adult, or for that matter some were never spanked as a child either, yet they crave it so intensely.

What’s truly ironic is that society today has taught us that we should feel free to practice our lives however we wish, yet at the same time has told us that the act of giving yourself to someone else to help provide discipline is wrong. It’s really surprising that those who often profess to be so tollerent and open minded are unwilling to understand that a woman, or for that matter sometimes a man would willingly submit to physical discipline from a partner. I suppose the simple fact is they just can’t seem to understand is that the basic act of submitting to a spanking from a partner can, and often does make a person stronger and renewed.

Properly done, a good spanking can leave your bottom quite warm and sore to the touch. In fact several hours later you may still feel that your skin is hot to the touch and, at that time it may actually be more tender than it was just a few moments after the spanking was over. Of course when the spanking is over there are other things happening that mitigate the pain. Your body has reacted to the assault on your bottom by releasing it’s own very effective pain killers. Additionally if the spanking was done properly, your thoughts are preoccupied with the intense emotions that are flowing through your head. But more importantly you are experiencing the intense dependence on the spanker who is continuing the experience with proper aftercare.

“It’s All Over”, “Everything is Forgiven”, “Everything Will be All Right”…Those words are just as important to hear and as needed as is the feeling of the arms that are cuddling you and just won’t let go. Those arms that moments earlier were occupied giving you an intense experience with a relentless sting are now providing an immeasurable comfort. Someone else, hopefully someone you intently love has given you the gift of caring about you, caring about your well being, caring about your behavior and helping you to reinforce your own confidence, by demonstrating to you, that you are important to them. Rebuilding the strength that is often the core of the submissive partner’s personality.

11 June 2007

Very Intense and Meaningful Spanking

She was getting ready for work and I ordered her over my knee. There was something to be dealt with and I wasn't going to put it off. There wasn't time before she had to leave to finish it all but I promised her that she would be getting a warm-up and an idea of what was to happen later.

She was surprised and not very happy about being spanked before having to go to work but she quickly complied. There was something different from the first few strokes… her reaction was more intense than I had seen before. We had just finished making love and I suspected that her perhaps her nerve endings were still very anxious to accept every sensation with heightened sensitivity. In any event she was squirming almost immediately. I was using the oak hairbrush paddle which happens to be a very intense little device and when used just right I believe sends as much if not more sting than the lexan paddles. It took less than a minute before there were tears, tears have not been easy for her and I think we were both surprised at how such a short session brought them out.

When we finished later she was still tender and once again the tears came easily, escape came easy too, we won't be doing any more OTK on the edge of her bed as it's just too high and too difficult to hold her in place when she gets to the fright and flight phase of the spanking. We finished with her laying across the bottom of the bed and had a very personal time with aftercare.

Here's where I made a mistake that I should know better than to do, what she had dome had earned her two severe spankings. Well I postponed the second one dependant on her behavior. (Yeah an old softie). It will come at any time there is the slightest hint of a repeat infraction. Although I do know that since I had assigned it, it was wrong of me to postpone it. But I was so surprised by how intense her reaction was and the shear terror that she expressed at another spanking like the one she had just received.

No, it wasn't that it was all that bad physically, she has taken much more severe and longer lasting spankings over my knee before. This time however there was a real difference and I think it was her complete submission and that somehow the smacks of the paddle were just multiplied in her mind by the disappointment she knew she caused me.

Submission can be an absolutely beautiful thing.

22 January 2007

My Partner and I

I am chromatically challenged and would never presume to choose anything to "coordinate" without her permission.

I lack the health care gene and will always submit to her decision on matters of health, hers or mine.

Never in my live have I been able to develop a workable budget, her brain must create this. However if she breaks the budget, she gets a very sore bottom.

I do have the technical gene. I must have final say in all matters of screwdrivers, wires, hammers, binary code and gasoline

To our relationship she brings emotional extremes, she chooses to permit me to control those extremes and mold them with stability and consistency. It is her choice to be over my knee.

Her brain is much faster and more multi-directional than mine is, she sees sides of things, every turn hill and valley that I do not. My brain tends to focus on goals. My brain provides the shortest distance between two points; her's the sites that must be seen while on the journey. Yet if there were a relative being visited in Arizona she would be anxious to see the relative whereas I, the Grand Canyon. She is much better at the people thing than I ever will be.

My partner and I are complimentary not equal, equal is not possible at least for us. We each bring certain strengths to our relationship and we choose to defer to each other in matters that they are better suited. So, we each at times choose to be submissive.