30 January 2008

Three Weeks, Four Days

Sort of a whirl-wind thing. We've known each other for about a year and a half but we never met in person before earlier this month, three weeks and four days ago. Minx and I have been friends since we first read each other's blogs. Neither one of us ever thought anything would come of it we were just too far away, well at least I didn't. Now, the truth recently came out! Minx told me that when she first read this blog she wanted to get to meet me. Well, does she always get what she wants?

It is such a wonderful feeling being in love, it feels so new and exciting. Yes, I'm off the market, my heart is now spoken for. I've asked Minx to marry me and she has said YES!!!

Well I went searching the web for Valentine's Day kind of clip art and this is what I found. Now, considering the way my mind works, I'm sure that what they are doing is opening the box that has the new paddle inside.

16 January 2008

It Gets Weird

Ok, so this is both really weird and really wonderful. All of a sudden I feel like some sort of silly teenager. It’s been all of 72 hours since my sweetie was in my arms and for some damn reason it feels like forever. I miss her too much already. I don’t know when we’ll be together again but I do know it won’t be soon enough.

Yes, I know she’s going to read this. Yes, I know she’s going to realize that somehow I must be head over heels for her and acting like some sort of immature teen… Well, I am. Yes it’s true, I’m seriously thinking of running outside and carving her and my initials in a tree with my pocketknife but I would rather wait and do it when she is here. The amazing thing is that I’ve never experienced this giddy happy feeling before, not with anyone else that I’ve met… Not even with the woman that I was married to for twenty years. I don’t believe I’m wrong, somehow I know she feels the same way.

It really was such a surprise, I never thought I would ever meet this wonderful woman let alone become enamoured with her. We’ve known each other ever since I first started bloging about a year and a half ago. But, she was far away and all we ever did was IM back and forth about each of our experiences and befriend one another, and now that has changed. She moved cross-country and now she is within driving distance and the unimaginable has turned into reality.

Yes, she knows and fully accepts some of the wants and desires that have been in my warped head for so many years. We won’t have any problem at all establishing a wonderful relationship including the aspects of Loving Domestic Discipline that we both determine are right for us.

So, how long has this wild crazy relationship been going on? Well, it’s been all of ten days. Yeah I know… You’re all thinking get serious you old fart. Stop acting like a kid and remember you’re at mid life ( if I live to be 104 ).

What’s really weird is that I’ve never before hesitated to describe an encounter either here or on my Yahoo 360 blog in explicit details. Yes, I’ve told all in one way or another. Sometimes with specific details, sometimes with bits and pieces buried into a story here or there. So has she, she blogs too and just like me has put all of her thoughts on the web in an attempt to scream from a mountain top in the most modern way. But now it’s different, yes I want to tell the world but at the same time all of a sudden I think it’s not really anyone else’s business about some of my thoughts.

Yeah, I know… Eventually I will, but for now my thoughts only belong to her.
Please be happy for me :)