19 September 2009

I stole this question from a forum, it's a good one.

She said:
I have been reading a lot lately about LDD. Fascinated by it really. I am currently unattached and single, and have been wondering if it is a lifestyle that I could function in and be happy in, without being resentful towards a future husband.

How you do or can form it with your future mate is best served by constant communication and the development of trust. When you can truly be your SO's friend and have trust, you will be able to talk and make anything that comes your way work, because you trust them..

IT seems that all (or at least most) LDD households are Christian, or at least church, based. I am curious if this is in fact the case, or it is a conclussion I have made.

LDD is just an abreviation for DD or D/s where the concept of Love is stressed. If you choose and want your DD life to be based on Christian principles, so be it as your choice. However, there is no 'member test', well if there is, it's on a curve and the curve adjusts to whatever YOU want it to be.

I am also curious as to how you started this relationship (LDD) at the outset. Did you start with a few rules, then add more later one, or was it all at once. I realize that the rules set by each couple vary and are determined by their needs and wants. I guess I'm asking for opinions as well as your experiences with it.

Yes, you understand. In our particular case we started with and basicly stick with matters of Attitude, Respect and Responsibility.

I believe that DD is and can and should be flexible enough that you can adapt it to whatever lifestyle you want and need.

Bingo Babe, you got it and understand !

My basic post on the subject which explains much of what I believe can be found at: http://ldd4me.blogspot.com/2006/07/how-to-tell-your-thick-headed-husband_04.html

The thing is, for me LDD is just D/s or DD or whatever you want it to e within a relationship where love is the foundation. In other words by my definition it does not have to be anything that you and your SO decide you don't want it to be, you don't have to match some arbitrary standard that has been estalished y someone else. YOU estalish the standard to which yuo live.

You roll your own, and your mileage may vary.

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