11 September 2009

Burns My Ass

I'm perfectly willing to believe that there are a lot of conspiracies that go on in the world. Certainly a lot by governments and by industries and of course individuals who seek whatever they need or desire. Some of course say it was a gubment conspiracy, some perhaps figure 'dubya' did it. Perhaps some believe it all happened in a desert somewhere, the same place they filmed the fake moon landing.
But I don't care!
Almost 3,000 people died in a disaster eight years ago, innocent people. Not just Americans but people from something like 11 different nations. Yet there are people who for one reason or another refuse to recognize the significance of that event.

I remember where I was and what I was doing. Having earned a pilots license long ago I found myself answering numerous questions by others who were confused, not that I wasn't.

So, what burns my ass about all of this?

Where's Google?

Google will make all sorts of special pages to remember, celebrate of bring significance to all sorts of events. They make note of obscure authors, poets, artists, holidays like St. Patty's Day with drunken leperchauns... and just about anything you can imagine.

But not today and not last year either that I recall.


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