19 November 2009

Yeah, She Got Me Good... Damn Spoons

Ok...  I am HOH. However, I do agree to be submissive to Minx on a few items. I don't have a lot of rules, but there is no doubt that if I break a rule, I have to pay. Very simple, well I didn't know when or if I would pay actually.

Complications of lack of privacy mean that most of the time we can't just can't respond when it's needed in the way it's needed. however, that wasn't going to stop Minx.

It's true, I deserved a spanking. The odd thing is that for some silly reason I thought she wouldn't realize it, or if she did that she wouldn't act upon it... Silly (stupid) me !!!

Unfortunately, we've discovered a virtual cornucopia of implements that can cause excruciating pain yet shout little evidence of their use the silly quiet things tht they are.

The Cane.

The cane can be very wicked yet quiet, unfortunately Minx is learning how to use it more effectively every time she picks it up. Yes, she had me in the diaper position and she really needs to understand that such things are best for her to be in, not me.

Whereas the cane is pretty much right now pain, the DAMN wooden spoon that is too quiet to be noticed is something that Minx should not be allowed access to. Yes, she got me good and I was able to feel the result for two days.

Now since she hasn't been paying attention to spanking blogs for a while now, it could be a while before she knows. I just got another notice from my bank that yet again, I went into overdraft (and fees).  Well, she won't be happy about it that's for sure, but hopefully I'll have earned some brownie points by then. Hell, I washed the damn kitchen floor yesterday! That has to be good for some points... Right?

I love this woman.

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  1. When you washed the kitchen floor for Minx: did you do it on hands and knees? Were you nude? If not then you deserve a double dose and bank overdrafts are not an acceptable spanking reason because there is no such thing as bank robbers; only robber banks and we are all victims of them.
    Rachel & aj Widget